Florida Chamber Culls Grassroots Support for Open Rating Bill Passage

Jun 11, 2009

The Florida Chamber has issued an alert message asking for grassroots support to urge Florida Governor Charlie Crist to sign House Bill 1171. 

HB 1171, which has not yet been presented to the Governor for action, is also known as the “open rating” bill because it contains deregulation provisions for select large Florida property insurers.

The Florida Chamber Alert regarding HB 1171 is reprinted below.


Stay Applicable to State Farm Administrative Proceeding Set to Expire on June 15

The stay applicable to the administrative appeal filed by State Farm from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation’s (“OIR”) conditional approval of its proposed property insurance withdrawal from Florida is currently set to expire on June 15th.  Unless this matter is settled, State Farm and the OIR will either have to agree to a further stay of proceedings, or prepare for an administrative hearing.


Florida Chamber Alert: Ask Governor Crist to Sign Insurance Reform Bill


In a strong win for Florida’s employers during the 2009 Legislative Session, the Florida Legislature passed Florida Chamber-backed property insurance reform. This bill (HB 1171) increases consumer options for property insurance, creates a competitive marketplace and reduces the risk of hurricane loss away from taxpayers. The successful legislation is a critical first step on the road to stabilizing our property insurance market, as it allows a narrowly-defined group of large private insurers, who must meet stringent capital requirements, to offer homeowners’ policies at a market-based rate.

However, in order for this bill to go into law, it must be signed by Governor Charlie Crist. Anti-business special interests have been actively engaging on this issue and are currently flooding the Governor’s office with calls to veto this legislation.

In order to prove the necessity of this measure to Florida’s job creators, employers must deliver calls and emails in support of this bill.

Thank you for your continued efforts as we work together to fight for a stable, fair property insurance market for Florida’s taxpayers. Without your grassroots support, the efforts of the Florida Chamber would certainly not be successful.



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