Florida Cabinet Approves Department of Revenue Insurance-Related Database Rules

May 26, 2010


Proposed Rules 12A-19.071, 12A-19.100 and 12B-8.0016 were the only insurance-related items considered by the Florida Cabinet at its March 25, 2010 meeting.  The Rules enable the Florida Department of Revenue (“DOR”) to create and maintain a statutory address/jurisdiction database for the purpose of assigning insurance policies and premiums to local taxing jurisdictions.   They also provide for similar assignment of communications services taxes.

The updated DOR database reflects the addition of Geographic Names Information System Feature Identifier codes to the existing (but outdated) Federal Information Processing Standards 55 codes and can be accessed at http://geotax.state.fl.us.  The database revisions will be effective on July 1, 2010.  

Approved by the Cabinet for final adoption, the amended Rules adopt revisions to the Guide for Address Change Requests to the DOR’s address/jurisdiction database, as well as to Form DR-700012 (Application for Certification of Communications Services Database), that are necessary for inclusion of the Geographic Names Information System Feature Identifier codes.

To view the entire Cabinet meeting agenda, click here.

Several insurance-related Rules originally scheduled for consideration during the May 25 meeting were rescheduled to the Cabinet’s June 8, 2010 meeting, including the Florida Residential Property Insurer Annual Report Card. 

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation June 8 agenda will include:

  • Approval requested for publication:
    • Proposed Rule 69O-137.001 Annual and Quarterly Reporting Requirement
    • Proposed Rules 69O-200.004, .005, .006, .009, .014, .015, .016 Motor Vehicle Manufacturer
    • Proposed Rule 69O-138.001 NAIC Financial Condition Examiners Handbook Adopted
    • Proposed Rule 69O-167.024 Rate Filings for Inland Marine Insurance
  • Approval requested for final adoption: 




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