FEDC Inside Track for Legislative Affairs: FEDC Seeks Your Support of FED-PAC

Jan 7, 2010

Formed in 2004 to assist Florida’s economic developers and business leaders with influencing business-related public policy, FED-PAC works to promote pro-business initiatives that ensure positive economic development and business expansion legislation.

On behalf of the FED-PAC Board of Directors, please take a moment to read the enclosed FED-PAC brochure and make your financial commitment to economic development in Florida.

FED-PAC Board of Directors

Mary Jane Stanley, Chairman
Ray Gilley, Past Chairman
Frank Mayernick Jr., Secretary/Treasurer
Jim Breitenfeld                      
John Haley                          
Todd Kocourek
Tammie Nemecek                 
Stuart Rogel                           
Pete Tesch                             
Joan Goodrich                       
Rodney Carson                    


Should you have any comments or questions, please contact Frank Mayernick Jr. (fmayernick@cftlaw.com) at Colodny Fass.