Delaware Insurance License Applicants Must Now Submit FBI Criminal History Report

Aug 15, 2013


In Bulletin No. 22 issued yesterday, August 14, 2013, Delaware Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart informed all insurers and licensees doing business in the state of Delaware that, under the provisions of Senate Bill 44 enacted last month, both new resident and non-resident applicants declaring Delaware as their home state must now provide a federal criminal history report from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) as part of the license application process.

This change, which is effective immediately, is in addition to the criminal history report already required by Delaware.

Section 5 of SB 44, which relates to license applications, also amends the regulation of insurance adjusters and appraisers. 

Section 1 of the bill substantially amends provisions relating to insurer reporting of gross premiums and payments to fire companies.

To view the Bulletin, click here.  To view the text of Senate Bill 44, click here.


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