CFO Sink Announces Bid To Become Florida’s First Female Governor

May 13, 2009

Above:  Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink announces bid to become Florida’s first female Governor


Today, May 13, 2009, Florida Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) Alex Sink announced her candidacy to become Florida’s first female Governor.  CFO Sink is the first candidate to formally enter the race after Florida Governor Charlie Crist announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate on Tuesday, May 12.

A statement from CFO Sink regarding her candidacy is below, as well as news coverage of the announcement from the Miami Herald and South Florida Sun-Sentinel.


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Statement from CFO Sink Regarding Her Candidacy for Governor


I’m running for Governor.

by Alex Sink

Floridians from Pensacola over to Jacksonville and all the way down to Key West are facing enormous challenges. Each and every day, the global financial crisis tests our families, our economy and our resolve.

In unique and challenging times like these, our state needs a new and different kind of leadership.

Thousands of Floridians have told me they need leaders committed to protecting the middle class, strengthening our economy and giving our families a fighting chance. As a businesswoman and working mom, I couldn’t agree more.

Before the people of Florida elected me their CFO, I spent nearly three decades in business – creating jobs and economic opportunity in communities all across our state.

During my short time in state government, a couple of things have become crystal clear: Tallahassee’s tired old ways of doing business just aren’t enough to answer the urgent new challenges we face. And a state government influenced by narrow special interests cannot put the best interests of everyday Floridians first. Today, I’m announcing I will be a candidate for Governor of Florida in the November 2010 election, and put my business experience and know-how to work restoring our economy.

And, as Florida’s CFO, I’ll continue using my business experience to cut wasteful spending, crack down on financial fraud and reform state contracts.

For too long, we’ve had to tolerate a state government that puts playing politics ahead of helping families. Together, we can change all that, and give our state a fresh start.


P.S. Watch my announcement video!


News Coverage from the Miami Herald and South Florida Sun-Sentinel


Alex Sink announces bid for Florida governor’s job

Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink is running for governor, becoming the first candidate to officially enter the race since Gov. Charlie Crist announced Tuesday that he would forgo a second term for a U.S. Senate bid.

Democrat Alex Sink to run for governor

Florida’s chief financial officer seen as Democrats’ best chance to regain state’s top office

TALLAHASSEE – Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink entered the 2010 Democratic primary for governor today after Republican incumbent Charlie Crist announced he’s running for the U.S. Senate, perhaps giving her party its best chance to win the office since 1994.


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