Capitol to Courthouse Headliners: Wednesday, May 7

May 7, 2008


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Insurance: Big Risks, Big Payoffs

To some investors, pumping money into a new Florida insurance company must be as attractive as investing in Florida real estate right now. The potential upside is great, but you also might fall off a cliff.

Business owners hail tax change

Ken Christman’s taxes were $5,000 per year when he bought the 14-room Golden Villa Motel on Clearwater Beach in 1996.

Federal Wind Insurance Seen

A Senate bill to renew the national flood insurance program is expected to reach a final vote this week, but not before lawmakers from Florida and other Gulf Coast states try to rewrite it.

Plane carrying Gov. Charlie Crist makes emergency landing

The state plane carrying Gov. Charlie Crist had to make a U-turn over Georgia and return to Tallahassee after three controls malfunctioned.

North Lauderdale wants to split Florida into two states

South Carolina, South Dakota and … South Florida?

Furious at what they consider the giving of more tax dollars than they get, North Lauderdale commissioners passed a resolution to divide Florida into two states: North Florida and South Florida.

The Camera That Wears a Badge

These days, the police are much less likely to be hiding behind a billboard waiting to nab someone going over the speed limit.

EDITORIAL: Governor scores on energy

Congratulations to Gov. Charlie Crist for some excellent leadership in energy policy, which he hopes will be a big part of his legacy.

Company looks to build Florida’s first biomass gas plant in Tallahassee

A Georgia company wants to build Florida’s first biomass gas plant at a Florida State University industrial park in Tallahassee.

More than $11.5M awarded to Florida residents in citrus case

Florida owes more than $11.5 million to thousands of Broward County homeowners whose citrus trees were chopped down during a failed effort to control a harmful disease, a jury ruled.

Cape Coral resident officially on U.S. House ballot

Independent Congressional candidate Jeff George decided the best way to make a people’s campaign official was with a personal touch.

GAO Outlines Problems Adding Wind Cover To NFIP

The Government Accountability Office is advising Congress that adding wind damage coverage to the National Flood Insurance Program will basically require rebuilding NFIP from scratch, according to a report obtained by National Underwriter.

States Get In on the Calls for a Gas Tax Holiday

Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida has been fighting to cut 10 cents from the states gasoline tax for two weeks in July.

Survey: Small Businesses Don’t Understand Their Dollars Spent on Workers’ Comp

Too many small business decision-makers appear to be spending money on workers’ compensation insurance coverage without understanding how workers’ compensation insurance works, what they get for their premium payments, or why they continue coverage with a particular carrier, according to a recent survey by Reno, Nev.-based Employers.

EDITORIAL: DNA bill would rightly keep your genes from being used against you

ISSUE: Congress passes measure to keep your DNA from being used against you.

In today’s scientifically advanced world, DNA has proven a mighty powerful tool. Now federal lawmakers want to make sure it’s not used as a weapon, at least on the job or in your insurance coverage.

Okla. Lawmaker with Ties to Industry Blocks Insurance Bills

An Oklahoma lawmaker who has blocked legislation that would require health insurers to cover a variety of medical procedures and conditions has accepted thousands of dollars in donations from individuals or political action committees with ties to the insurance industry, records show.

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