Capitol to Courthouse Headliners: Wednesday, December 15

Dec 15, 2010


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Blog:  Citizens insurance approves limits on no-bid contracts

Citizens Property Insurance’s board approved rules Wednesday to require the state-backed insurer to shop around for more of its contracts.


Florida Growers Reporting Ice Damage to Orange Crop

Citrus growers in central Florida reported ice damage to their orange fruit and groves Wednesday after overnight temperatures dropped to bone-chilling lows in some areas of the citrus belt.


After Keys Wilma public adjuster proposal, Monroe County rule aims to curb sway

Monroe County commissioners today will consider a proposed ordinance banning them from influencing employee hiring and lucrative government contract awards, which are the responsibilities of department heads and the county administrator.


SPECIAL REPORT:  Federal failure on Chinese drywall

For the thousands of U.S. homeowners who are grappling with the financial and emotional trauma caused by defective Chinese drywall, one thing is now clear: The federal government is woefully unequipped to help them with a product defect as expensive and widespread as this one.


Florida wants more drivers to list contact info

A Florida state agency wants more people to register their contact information for use in a vehicle crash or other emergency.


Martin County woman sues her insurance company for tax on totaled vehicle

A Martin county woman has taken her insurance company to court, alleging it failed to comply with the terms of her auto policy by not paying sales tax on her totaled vehicle.


New red light camera law:  Fewer tickets, bigger cost

Good news for drivers caught by red-light cameras: Because of a new state law, your chances of being cited are down dramatically.


Florida-based Brown & Brown Makes Acquisitions

Insurance brokers Brown & Brown and Integro recently announced several acquisitions in California and New York.


Northeast Florida Agents Group Inducts New Directors

The Independent Insurance Agents of Northeast Florida inducted its 2010-2011 board of directors recently.


Florida court upholds $28.3 million award in smoker lawsuit

A Florida court has upheld a $28.3 million verdict against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. in a lawsuit filed by the family of a deceased smoker.


Florida title firm’s owners missing for 2 years, captured in Colorado

Accused of stealing $10 million from clients of their title insurance company, Roger and Peggy Gamblin spent more than two years running from the FBI before agents cornered them Monday at a hospital in Durango, Colo.


Two central Florida hospitals won’t hire smokers

If you smoke, don’t bother applying for a job at two central Florida hospitals. They won’t hire you.


Appeals court sanctions environmental groups in land-use case

A state appeals court ruled on Tuesday that environmental groups must pay the attorneys fees of Martin County, the Florida Department of Community Affairs and development interests for appealing a land-use case.


News Release:  Florida Part of Dannon $21 Million Settlement Reached Today

Largest payment to date in a multistate settlement with a food producer

Attorney General Bill McCollum, along with the Federal Trade Commission and 38 Attorneys General across the country, today filed agreements with The Dannon Company, Inc. settling allegations of deceptive advertising practices related to the sale of Activia and DanActive products.


Sunshine State News:  Rick Scott’s Call for Cost-Cutting Ideas Goes Largely Unanswered

Legislators big on what should come, short on what can go

Rick Scott is giving every state legislator in Florida the chance to weigh in on his or her 2011 priorities. And while he’s getting plenty of thoughts on the top issues and how to approach them, he’s getting almost nothing when he asks how they plan to pay for it.


Sales-tax holidays proposed

Lost sales because of BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill were bad enough. Now the Florida Retail Federation wants a couple of sales-tax holidays to lure visitors back and jump-start sales.


Florida retailers ask BP to pay for sales tax holidays

A new report estimates retailers in northwest Florida lost nearly a half billion dollars as a result of the BP oil spill and now they want the company to help offset those losses.


Florida sidetracks rail, but international builders are all aboard

As Florida puts the brakes on its high speed rail plan, corporations from around the world are eagerly pressing for bragging rights as builders of the first such line in the United States.


Steele’s battle for Republican National Committee head doesn’t deter Tampa convention efforts

Work is proceeding on planning the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, even as the national Republican Party faces a controversial election for chairman.


Blog:  State Representative Rich Glorioso wants to be transportation secretary

State Rep. Rich Glorioso , a Plant City Republican, has applied to be secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation.


Contractors object to Port St. Lucie’s attempt at awarding itself $5.7 million construction project

An attempt by the city to award itself a $5.7 million contract to save the city money and rebuild the hurricane-damaged Ravenswood Community Center has some local contractors raising their eyebrows.


Rick Scott:  A different breed

Get ready for a Period of Adjustment with Gov. Rick Scott. A long and difficult period for progressive Democrats, teachers and their unions, school superintendents, corrections officers and a slew of other state employees. Their lives are about to change.


Allstate to increase homeowners’ insurance premiums up to 9.7 percent in Texas

Allstate Insurance has notified the Texas Department of Insurance that it will increase homeowners’ rates statewide by 5.4 percent to 9.7 percent next month.


Blog:  Iran disinvestment law is working, Poizner says

Four international oil-related companies have stopped doing business in Iran, providing evidence that a California effort to economically pressure the Islamic republic is having an effect, outgoing state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner said Tuesday.


FDNY to charge fee for accidents

Pretty soon there will be one more reason to hope you never get into a car accident.


Capital needs put captives, parents at odds

During lean times, captives must show financial flexibility

With the economy recovering but weak and many companies still pressed for capital, captive insurance company leaders looking to maintain appropriate funding might find themselves at odds with parent companies looking to tap what they see as idle capital.


New York Applies New Life Settlement Laws

FairMarket Life Settlements Corp. and Magna Life Settlements Inc. have received the first two licenses issued under New York state’s new life settlement laws.


U.S. Securities Class-Action Filings Soar In Second Half Of Year

U.S. federal securities class-action filings picked up in the 2010 second half, and filings are now on pace to exceed last year’s total, according to NERA Economic Consulting.



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