Capitol to Courthouse Headliners: Thursday, March 20

Mar 20, 2008

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State targets insurer over travel-related rejections

The state said Wednesday it will seek to revoke or suspend the license of a life insurance company it accuses of denying or limiting coverage to international travelers.

OPINION: Florida Insurance Council in support of solvency for the Cat fund

The uncertain economy is yielding a deep concern over the state’s ability to raise the full $28 billion that legislators obligated the state’s catastrophe fund to come up with when a major hurricane or series of hurricanes strike Florida.

Update: Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Personal Injury Protection Fraud

A Miami-Dade County man pleaded guilty to involvement in a staged accident ring, according to Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

Man Accused Of Elaborate Insurance Scheme

A Bowling Green man, who worked as a life insurance agent in Avon Park, was arrested Tuesday for fraudulently buying 36 life insurance policies reportedly to collect commissions on them, according to the Florida Department of Financial Services, which investigated the case.

EDITORIAL: An opportunity as insurance rates head lower

Free markets and a capitalist system are gradually bringing insurance rates back into line.

Safety Features Becoming Hazards

Capt. Clint Roberts makes his living cutting accident victims out of hideously mangled vehicles, but even he could hardly believe it when two people in a 2007 midsize car survived a head-on crash with a full-sized pickup last year.

2008 Legislature roundup

The Florida Legislature is in session through May 2. The key issues yesterday and what’s coming up:

State To Tighten Job Licenses

They are among the bedrocks of conservatism: Smaller government, less regulation, free markets.

Legislative report: Get tough on condo, homeowner associations

A newly released, bipartisan legislative report could lead to extensive changes in state laws protecting the millions of owners in Florida condo and homeowner association communities.

OPINION: Be wary of expanding gambling

ISSUE: Senate backs broader gambling.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: How is a budget cut of less than 1 percent ‘massive’?

The headline March 15 stated, “Gov. Crist signs massive budget cuts into law.”

Leon County’s new mapping system tested by tornado

A new computer mapping system installed in Leon County’s Emergency Operations Center was unexpectedly tested when a tornado hit Capitola earlier this month.

EDITORIAL: Williams In Florida House District 55

A special election will be held on Tuesday, March 25, to replace state Rep. Frank Peterman Jr., who resigned last month to become head of Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice.

Gov. Crist’s plan to open more hospitals meets met with legislative resistance

The chairman of the top House health care committee said he isn’t very interested in acting this year on a plan by Gov. Charlie Crist to make it easier to open new hospitals.

Senate committee OKs energy reforms

Sweeping reforms to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in Florida were approved Wednesday by a Senate committee.

EDITORIAL: Our position: Lawmakers shouldn’t hesitate to OK sensible protections involving commuter rail

Central Florida’s commuter-rail project pulls into Tallahassee today, giving members of the House Infrastructure Committee the chance to approve the insurance portion of the deal struck by CSX and the state.

Two state senators float compromise to count Dems’ primary votes

Two state senators propose a couple of ways out of Florida’s primary-vote problem.

A pair of state senators Wednesday unveiled another plan for giving Florida Democrats a voice in choosing a presidential nominee now that a redo of the Jan. 29 primary has been declared dead.

Hurricane flood threat coming soon to Google

Americans in the hurricane danger zone may soon be able to use Google to find out if their own home is threatened by a dangerous storm surge, the director of the National Hurricane Center said on Wednesday.

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Avoids OFC Issue

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has issued a statement of principles on insurance reform, opposing rate regulation but taking no stand as to whether future regulation should be state-or federal-based.

Fitch To Consult Insurers On Rating Model Changes

Fitch said it plans to consult with guarantee insurers before making any broad changes in its model that fell under criticism from one of the carriers it rated.

NAMIC: Michigan Proposal Will Increase, Not Decrease Insurance Rates

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) opposes legislation to ban the use of credit-based insurance scoring in Michigan.

FEMA Changes Appeals Process for Rebuilding Projects in La.

State and federal officials are touting changes to the process for Louisiana communities to appeal decisions by the Federal Emergency Management Agency on funding to rebuild schools, roads, hospitals and other infrastructure damaged by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.


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