Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Wednesday, May 03, 2017

May 3, 2017


Must-Pass Workers’ Compensation, AOB Reform Languishing in Legislature

With House and Senate Leaders caught up with Budget Negotiations ahead of Friday’s Deadline for Adjournment, Advocates for Legislative Fixes for Assignment of Benefits and Workers’ Compensation Reform confronted this possibility:  Their Must-Pass Legislation might not pass.’s Michael Moline reports.


Florida’s Insurance Test

Does Florida’s Legislature exist to enrich Plaintiffs Attorneys or to serve the Sunshine State’s Voters?  The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board writes about Florida’s AOB scourge.


Statement from Commissioner David Altmaier on the Passage of HB 1421 Out of the House of Representatives

This Legislation makes significant progress in protecting Florida Consumers from Homeowners Insurance Rate Increases fueled by rising Litigation Costs associated with an Assignment of Benefits, Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier said.


Florida County Leads State in Juvenile Auto Thefts

The Tampa Bay Times revealed that in in 2015, Police in Pinellas County made 499 Arrests for Juvenile Auto Theft – more than anywhere else in the State.  Insurance Journal reports.


Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Update on Florida Blue’s Payment Processing Issue

Florida Blue advised this was a Processing Error by the Company’s Third-Party Vendor. 


Florida Legislature Fails to Get Budget on Time, Must Extend Session

The Republican-Dominated Legislature will need extra time to finish work on the State Budget for the second time in three years, as Lawmakers ended Tuesday with no Agreement on an $83 Billion Spending Plan for the year beginning July 1.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Brandon Larrabee reports via the Palm Beach Post.

·         Why’s the Budget in a Stalemate?  Hospital Cuts


Florida Lawmakers Fold on Reaching Gambling Deal

Unable to overcome an impasse on slot machines, Florida House and Senate leaders Tuesday called off Negotiations on a Sweeping Gambling Measure, acknowledging that the effort is Dead for the 2017 Legislative Session.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Dara Kam reports via the Palm Beach Post.


Lake Okeechobee Rescue and Higher Homestead Exemption Clear Legislature

Ending what he called “20 years of Talking,” Senate President Joe Negron’s top priority, Construction of a massive New Reservoir South of Lake Okeechobee, passed the Legislature Tuesday and is headed to Governor Rick Scott’s desk.  Steve Bousquet reports via the Miami Herald’s “Naked Politics” blog.

·         Democrats’ Guarantee of Swift Vote on Water Bill Killed Republicans’ Last-Minute Gun Bill


For First Time in 15 Years, Florida Lawmakers Reject New Sunshine Exemption.

In a surprise result that’s unprecedented in the past 15 years, Lawmakers on Tuesday rejected an attempt to significantly scale back part of the State’s Famed Sunshine Law that secures Floridians’ Right to Watch how Local Officials make decisions on their behalf.  The Miami Herald’s Kristin M. Clark reports via the “Naked Politics” blog.


Push for 5G Equipment on Public Land Raises Concerns

Local Governments are blasting a Florida Bill that would let Telecommunications Firms attach Boxes to Telephone Polls on Public Property at a modest cost and with little oversight as part of the New Superfast 5G Wireless Technology.  The Sun-Sentinel reports via Crain’s Miami.


Voters in 2018 Will Decide New Florida Property Tax Break

The Florida House on Tuesday Voted 83-35 to put a Constitutional Amendment on the 2018 Ballot that would allow Homeowners to shield an additional $25,000 of the Value of their Home from most Property Taxes.  The Associated Press reports via


Forensic “Body Farm” Breaks Ground in Florida

Officially known as the Forensic Osteology Research Station (FOReST), it’s one of Six Body Farms in the U.S.; a Seventh is under Construction in Florida.  Anne Schindler reports for First Coast News.


Vermont Captive Insurance Legislative Agenda Signed into Law

Vermont Captive Insurance Association President Richard Smith joined Vermont Governor Phil Scott as he signed New Legislation passed in the 2017 Session.  Insurance Journal reports.




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