Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Mar 7, 2018

Florida Lawmakers Miss Budget Deadline, Extending Legislative Session

The House and Senate are fundamentally opposed on how to reimburse the State’s 200-plus Hospitals for Medicaid.  Lawrence MowerElizabeth KohEmily L. Mahoney and Steve Bousquet report for the Tampa Bay Times “The Buzz” blog.


Residents in Florida Retirement Community Still Evacuated by 6 Sinkholes

The Villages is not blaming Sinkholes for the problem, instead classifying the incident as a “Catastrophic Event.”  The Associated Press reports via Insurance Journal.

FEMA to Stop Sheltering Florida Irma Victims in Hotels

At the request of the State, FEMA extended the Temporary Hotel Program five times over the last six months.  The Associated Press reports.

Auto Insurance Rates in Florida Rank 5th Highest in Nation

A recent Study by the Consumer Federation indicates Progressive and Farmers charge the same rates to someone who drives 2,500 or 22,000 miles a year.  Jackie Callaway reports for ABC Action News.

Florida Police, Firefighters PTSD Benefits Bill Sent To Governor Scott

The Florida League of Cities initially opposed the Legislation, contending it was too broadly written and could increase insurance costs for Cities that employ Police and Firefighters.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Christine Sexton reports via the Palm Beach Post.

Bill Could End Trauma System Battles      

The Legislature for the past several years has grappled with the Trauma System and whether to continue with current Regulations or to allow a more competitive environment that would increase the number of Trauma Facilities in the State.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Christine Sexton reports via the Gainesville Sun.

Governor Scott Appoints Ron Hodge to Board of Employee Leasing Companies

Governor Rick Scott announced the appointment of Ron Hodge to the Board of Employee Leasing Companies.

City of Fort Myers to Install Gunshot Sensors

The system would immediately alert Law Enforcement even if no one calls 911 and detect the exact number of rounds as well as the time at which each individual round is fired.  The Naples Herald’s Justin Martin reports.

House Passes Adam Putnam’s Priority Without Contentious Gun Provision

The Florida House Tuesday passed a Priority Bill for Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam without a Toxic Gun Provision.’s Ana Ceballos reports.

Florida Environmental Regulators Approve Billion-Dollar Everglades Reservoir Despite Questions Over Water Quality

In an Order issued Monday evening, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection concluded the 23-Foot Deep, 10,500-Acre Reservoir and 6,500-Acre Stormwater Treatment Area will succeed at slowing polluted discharges to the Coasts and clean water before sending it South to Everglades Marshes.  Jenny Staletovich reports for the Miami Herald’s “Naked Politics” blog.

Proposed Florida Ban on Local Puppy Store Regulations Dies for Second Time in Tallahassee

Until last year, the USDA Made Dog Breeder Inspections readily available for anyone to search on its Website. However, one month after President Donald Trump’s Inauguration, the Federal Agency removed Inspections from its Website.  Steve Cotorno reports for the Tampa Bay Times’ “The Buzz” blog.

Payday Loan Companies Approved Changes to Their Own Bill, Emails Show

The Bill would allow the Industry to offer bigger Loans with higher Fees.  Lawrence Mower reports for the Tampa Bay Times’ “The Buzz” blog.

Bill For Year-Round Daylight Saving Time Heads To Scott’s Desk

If Scott signs the “Sunshine Protection Act,” Congress would need to amend existing federal law to allow the change. The Associated Press reports via the Tallahassee Democrat.

Moore Accuser Announces Run For Florida House Seat

In an Interview Tuesday with The Palm Beach Post, Gibson, 54, said she thought about running for Public Office from time to time because Family Members had served in Elected Office in Alabama, where she was raised.

Legislature Hopes To Put The Sting In Stealing Bees

The Florida Legislature is one step closer to raising the penalty for stealing Bees. Publisher Peter Schorsch reports.

A Shooting Survivor And Her Mom’s Up-Close Look At Florida’s “Sneaky” Political Process

Student Survivors of the February 14 Massacre, their Parents, and the Families of the 17 People who died are taking advantage of a rare — and potentially fleeting — moment in which their voices carry a lot of weight in the State Legislature. But with that responsibility has come an up-close look at Florida Politics. Some are not impressed.’s Jessica Bakeman reports.

California OKs New Private Flood Insurance Product

In October 2017 the California Department of Insurance approved a Private Flood Insurance Product by Homeowners Choice Property and Casualty Insurance Co. Homeowners Choice also covers Residential Building Property, Personal Property or Contents, Debris Removal and ALE.  Insurance Journal reports.

California Commissioner Orders Insurer To Halt Operations Over Insolvency Risk

Access’s Unaudited Financial Reports indicated the Company failed to maintain the Capital required by Law.  Insurance Journal reports.

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