Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Wednesday, August 10

Aug 10, 2011


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Insurance-Related News


Blog:  Republican legislator tries to roll back Florida’s septic tank crackdown

Another attempt is being made to overturn the 2010 state law that mandated septic tank inspections every five years.


Blog:  Jacksonville-based FPIC settles shareholder lawsuit

FPIC Insurance Group Inc. Tuesday announced that it has agreed with a shareholder to settle a class action lawsuit related to FPIC’s proposed acquisition by The Doctors Co.


Tampa looks to recoup unpaid ambulance bills

Every year, Tampa Fire Rescue dispatches ambulance crews on thousands of calls, responding to everything from car crashes to heart attacks to accidents at home.                            


Medicaid contracts to favor Florida-based HMOs

A little-noticed clause in the state overhaul of Medicaid could mean a bonanza for WellCare Health Plans and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida.


State senator Nan Rich calls out Legislature for ‘hypocrisy’ over Affordable Care Act dollars

State Senator Nan Rich, D-Weston, criticized the Florida Legislature today for its “hypocrisy” in accepting funds from the Affordable Care Act for Title V abstinence-only education grants, while at the same time rejecting millions that were allocated to child abuse and neglect prevention programs.


Florida Urges Parents to Enroll Uninsured Children in KidCare

The latest Census data shows Florida is home to about 700,000 children without health Insurance.


U.S. Department of Justice signs off on parts of new election law

The most controversial portions of HB 1355 still must be approved by a three-member judicial panel in Washington D.C.


Blog:  Chief Financial Officer Atwater says nation’s debt rating downgrade should not affect Florida — for now

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater said the nation’s lowered credit rating by Standard & Poor last week may cause “some pause” in the market place, but should not immediately effect Florida’s own borrowing or investments.


Governor Rick Scott hires former tea party leader to help reach out to public

Robin Stublen is one of eight staff who will help coordinate governor’s community efforts around the state.


Governor Rick Scott Puzzled State Unable to Attract Hi-Tech Companies

Governor Rick Scott said Tuesday that Florida, never a major player in the manufacturing economy, should boost its role in the industrial economy and the shipping sector, but also should focus on new high tech industry.


Blog:  List of candidates for Florida Public Service Commission executive director pared to 15

Jim Saunders of the News Service of Florida reports that the Public Service Commission’s search for a new executive director has led to a list of 15 candidates who offer a mix of experience in Florida and other states.


Reshuffling continues at Department of Environmental Protection with changes also at state wildlife agency

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection named a new chief information officer on Monday but lost its top law enforcement official last month.


Blog:  Florida elections commission fines Miami lawmaker for filing late campaign finance reports

The Florida Elections Commission on Tuesday fined Representative Dwight Bullard $2,705.72 for failing to timely file a pair of campaign finance reports during his most recent re-election bid.


Despite No Electric Cars, Orlando Installs Hundreds of Charge Stations

The newspaper reported that Central Florida was the first in the entire US to get a charging station via the program, and is slated to get 300 stations on private and public property in the next year-and as many as 200 by October.


Standard & Poor’s Revises Rating, Outlook On 10 U.S. Insurance Groups

Following last week’s downgrade of US sovereign credit by Standard & Poor’s, the ratings agency trained its gun on ten US-based insurance groups by lowering their long-term ratings.


Property owners:  Prepare now for hurricanes

Property owners should prepare now to document their hurricane damage.


New York Times:  Lawyers Make Insurance Claim in Bid to Prove Damages From Climate Change

In the face of courts hostile to the idea of awarding damages against major greenhouse gas emitters over the impacts of climate change, creative plaintiffs’ lawyers are placing their faith in the driest of subjects:  Insurance.




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