Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Tuesday, September 11

Sep 11, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Insurance-Related News


State Farm can view surgical records in lawsuit over claim

State Farm, aggressively defending itself against an auto-injury lawsuit filed by the Morgan & Morgan law firm, has persuaded a federal judge to order that a Brevard County neurosurgeon turn over his surgical logs to the giant insurance company.

After Pompano Beach deaths, effort launched to regulate parasailing companies

Two fatal parasailing accidents have led to an effort to regulate the largely unmonitored waterfront industry.


Winter Haven Hospital warns Blues insurance may end

Consternation developed over the weekend among Florida Blue members accustomed to using Winter Haven Hospital and its doctors for their health care.

THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA:  Florida nursing home industry defends pediatric care

With the U.S. Department of Justice and news media raising questions about whether Florida is warehousing disabled children in nursing homes, a top official with the Florida Health Care Association defended the nursing-home industry Monday in a blog post.


After more than 20 years away from office, South Florida Democrat running again

In a year when a record number of term-limited former lawmakers are seeking their old jobs, the story of Tom Gustafson is the strangest of them all.

Governor Rick Scott orders probe on soured economic deal

Gov. Rick Scott is ordering a probe into the state’s decision to award millions in economic incentives to a company that is now closing its Florida facility.


State pumped $20 million into studio that collapsed last week

The state’s practice of giving cash to companies that promise to create jobs may come under fire again after a Port St. Lucie animation studio collapsed last week and cut nearly all of its 300 jobs.


Regulators begin hearings on nuclear charges

One of Florida’s largest utilities went before state regulators on Monday and asked them to OK charges to help pay for nuclear power plant projects despite lingering doubts about the future of those projects.


Senator Rich rallies support against GOP-backed constitutional amendments

Groups both for and against constitutional amendments strive to reach voters in noisy presidential election year.


In race for Central Florida growth, Orlando will pass Tampa Bay

Won’t be too long before Tampa Bay’s longtime little brother, Orlando, becomes the bigger sibling of the Central Florida economy.


Blog:  Fewer northerners are relocating to Florida

In recent years, 30 percent fewer out-of-state residents have applied for Florida driver’s licenses. There were 585,000 applications in 2003 and just 410,000 in 2008, according to MSNBC.


Average Florida mortgage reduction tops $114,000

More than 1,000 Florida homeowners have seen an average debt reduction of $114,015 on their primary mortgage since the February approval of the settlement between leading lenders and state attorneys general.


Nearly 700 Florida foreclosures sold in bulk to private investor

A San Diego company bought 699 Florida foreclosures Thursday in a bulk deal with the Federal Housing Finance Agency that included $12.3 million in cash.


Out-of-town money pours into local campaigns

Today, the amount tops $700,000, and chances seem good it will hit $1 million before Tuesday.  That’s the amount of money that Lake County candidates have raised to get themselves elected to various offices.


Florida Spends 50 Million on Gasoline

Todd Hills does a lot of driving. He pastors a church and shuttles kids all over the state. “We do a lot of transporting and carpooling and gas prices like they are it adds up quick.”


Online Educator K12 Being Investigated By Florida Department of Education

The Florida Department of Education has launched an investigation of K12, the nation’s largest online educator, over allegations the company uses uncertified teachers and has asked employees to help cover up the practice.


University of Miami wins prestigious grant to bring benefits of research to communities

A $20 million grant from the National Institutes of Health will help UM bring the benefits of research to the communities that need it most

The University of Miami has won a $20 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to help translate research results into improved healthcare in areas including the use of stem cells to treat cardiovascular disease, testing women in Little Haiti for cervical cancer and preventing HIV transmission from mother to baby through antiretroviral injections.


Survey Shows Analytics Key Weapon in Slowing Insurance Fraud

For insurers facing increased organized insurance fraud, predictive modeling and text mining will be the primary anti-fraud technology investments anticipated by insurers over the next two years.


New York Has More Than 400 FEMA Home Buyout Applications

Gertrude Baker and her husband bought their cozy home in Owego in 1956. They raised three kids, befriended neighbors and weathered the occasional flood.


Mississippi Court Rules Wal-Mart Not Liable in Gun Ammo Sale to Underage Shooter

If a store sells ammunition to an underage person who uses the bullets to kill someone, is the retailer responsible?


University of Louisiana-Monroe Lands Contract for Insurance Research

The University of Louisiana-Monroe College of Business has been awarded a research contract from the Louisiana Department of Insurance to study and provide support for proposed legislative insurance reforms.




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