Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Tuesday, March 12

Mar 12, 2013


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


Florida’s 2013 Regular Legislative Session

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    2:00 p.m.–Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Guaranty Association Audit Committee meeting; Tallahassee, Florida.  To view the meeting notice, click here.



      Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


      State Farm inspected, approved home months before sinkhole killed man

      Five months before the earth opened and swallowed his home, Buddy Wicker welcomed inspectors sent by State Farm Insurance to his house, who surveyed the property and deemed it free of any sinkhole risk.


      Sinkhole forces congregation out of Naples church

      A congregation in North Naples has limited access to the church because of a suspected sinkhole. The pastor now says they will have to leave the building completely because of an insurance dispute.


      Sinkholes In Safety Harbor? Officials, Experts Weigh In

      A good portion of the Tampa Bay area has been on high alert for sinkholes the past couple weeks, and with good reason. 


      Garbage truck smashes bank-owned Orlando rental home

      An Orlando family left homeless when their bank-owned rental home was struck by a garbage truck can’t find financial assistance.


      Homeowners insurance gets the attention of new lawmakers in Florida

      Lawmakers from Southern Florida are looking to make get their hands on a larger share of the state budget as well as put a stringent cap on homeowners insurance rates throughout the state.


      Man suing county for Charley-related damage

      Eight and a half years ago, Hurricane Charley slammed Southwest Florida. The state suffered $5.4-billion in damage as Charlotte County took a direct hit from the massive storm.


      Citizens Property Insurance president joins Palm Beach Post insurance panel March 20

      The president and CEO of Florida’s largest property insurer has agreed to participate in an insurance roundtable hosted by The Palm Beach Post on March 20.


      Senate:  We’ll develop 3rd option on Medicaid expansion

      The Legislature will use a Florida plan to expand Medicaid in a way not envisioned by the federal Affordable Care Act, if a state Senate committee gets its way.


      Legislature pushes bills to limit medical liability

      A year ago this month, Michael Lawley of Melbourne disconnected the respirator that was keeping his brain-damaged daughter alive.


      Senate Weighs Campaign Finance Changes

      Senators began warily moving toward addressing campaign finance laws Monday, with the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee approving a measure that would do away with one fundraising vehicle and increase the limits on contributions to some candidates.


      Blog:  As House and Senate compromise, mega PACs emerge as replacement for CCEs

      Political slush funds will get a new name and campaign finance limits will rise for statewide candidates under a Senate campaign finance bill that won unanimous approval by a Senate committee on Monday.


      Move to increase sovereign immunity caps on local governments gets first House review

      In an effort to reduce the number of claims bills that reach the Legislature, lawmakers on the House Select Committee on Claims Bills reviewed a bill Monday that would increase the liability cap local governments enjoy through “sovereign immunity.”


      Governor Scott’s pick for 4th DCA judge sparks controversy

      The appointment of a new judge to the 4th District Court of Appeal has sparked a political firestorm that reaches all the way to the Florida Supreme Court.


      Domestic Partnerships Vote May Be Close

      A senator who last month opposed a bill that would create domestic partnerships for unmarried couples will support a new, narrower version when it comes up today in the Senate Children, Families and Elder Affairs Committee.


      Former Disney Exec To Run Statewide Rail Project, “All Aboard Florida”

      All Aboard Florida, a privately funded $1 billion passenger railroad project that would connect Orlando to Miami, and possibly Tampa, named onetime Disney executive Donald Robinson co-president and chief operating officer.


      THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA:  Five questions for State Representative Katie Edwards

      Representative Katie Edwards has a businesslike approach that resonates with legislative leaders and constituents alike.


      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:  Few Problems Expected from El Niño This Summer

      The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a key U.S. weather forecaster, has extended into the summer its view that the El Niño climate phenomenon should present few weather problems in the Northern Hemisphere.


      Measure that would let Sandy victims sue their insurer over handling of claim tabled

      A piece of legislation that would give Hurricane Sandy victims more power to sue their insurer if they feel their claim was handled badly was tabled last week as lobbyists in Trenton battle over whether such a right would make for good public policy.


      Big debate on West Virginia bill to ban insurance cancellations

      In West Virginia and most other states, an insurer can choose not to renew people’s property insurance policy if a claim is filed over weather damage.


      Kentucky Panel Revives Christian Health Bill, Confirms Clark as Commissioner

      A Christians-only health care ministry would be allowed to resume operating in Kentucky under a measure that had been languishing in the Legislature only to be revived by a House committee last week.


      Opinion:  A better answer for Texas windstorm insurance reform

      We are thrilled to see that state Senator John Carona is serious about taking up windstorm coverage this legislative session and has proposed a bill that attempts to reform the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.



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