Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Tuesday, July 7, 2015.

Jul 7, 2015


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related News



Florida Medical Malpractice Caps Take Another Legal Hit

A South Florida appeals court ruled last week that the law’s limits on pain-and-suffering damages — known in legal parlance as non-economic damages — are unconstitutional in personal-injury cases, THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Jim Saunders reports via


Uber to cease operations in Broward County

The popular ridesharing service Uber has announced it is leaving Broward County, the Associated Press reports via the Tampa Tribune.


Sarasota moves to regulate Uber

Uber drivers in Sarasota could have to undergo more extensive background checks and have their cars inspected after city commissioners voted unanimously Monday night to accept the first reading of new restrictions on the ride-hailing app business and others like it.  Shelby Webb reports for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.


15 of 34 Florida HMOs Report 2014 Losses

Fifteen of Florida’s 34 HMOs, or 44 percent, listed in a Florida Office of Insurance Regulation report posted losses in 2014. The figures were published in the South Florida Business Journal on Monday.


Scott sidesteps questions on 2018 Senate run

Florida Governor Rick Scott was offering no hints on Monday about whether he is considering running for the U.S. Senate in 2018.  Asked about that prospect, in light of him spending almost $300,000 on political consultants since April, Scott wouldn’t bite.  The Tampa Bay Times’ Jeremy Wallace reports via “The Buzz” blog.


State Representative David Richardson officially pulls out of race for South Florida Senate seat

Fighting within the Democratic Party over a Miami seat in the state Senate seems to have subsided, the Tampa Bay Times’ Michael Auslen reports via “The Buzz” blog.


Florida Senator Garrett Richter Appointed to Chair Defense Support Task Force

Senate President Andy Gardiner announced that Senator Garrett Richter has been appointed to chair the Florida Defense Support Task Force, which “preserves, protects and enhances the state’s military missions and installments,” Jenna Buzzacco-Foerster reports via Scripps’ “Political Fix Florida” blog.


Economic hardships in Puerto Rico spur a mass exodus to U.S. mainland

In what some experts characterize as the largest out-migration since the 1950s, emigration to the U.S. mainland from Puerto Rico has accelerated in recent years, with 144,000 fleeing from mid-2010 to 2013, according to a Pew Research Center study using U.S. Census Bureau data.  The Miami Herald’s Nancy San Martin reports via the News-Tribune.


Lawsuits from public records group are a nuisance, Florida cities say

For more than a year, government officials all over Florida and the vendors they do business with have complained about a nonprofit group called the Citizens Awareness Foundation.  Tampa Bay Times’ Mike Brassfield reports.


Florida Charter Schools Are Not Required To Provide Bus Transportation to Students, Judge Rules

Pointing to choices made by parents, a state judge has ruled that a Southeast Florida school district cannot require a charter school to provide bus transportation to students, reports.


Outgoing New Jersey Commissioner Kobylowski to Join AmeriHealth 

The outgoing New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance Commissioner Ken Kobylowski will join AmeriHealth New Jersey as senior vice president of provider contracting and network operations effective July 13, according to AmeriHealth’s announcement last week, Insurance Journal reports.




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