Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Tuesday, August 30

Aug 30, 2011


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


10:00 a.m.–Florida Surplus Lines Service Organization National Clearinghouse Committee meeting.  Agenda includes issues pertaining to the proposed national surplus lines tax clearinghouse.  To view the meeting notice, click here.



Daily Insurance-Related News


Florida insurance rates could rise as Hurricane Irene adds to yearlong disaster tally

Florida was spared Hurricane Irene’s wrath, but that doesn’t mean homeowners here won’t have a price to pay down the road.


Blog:  Florida insurer HomeWise loses financial health rating

Most homeowners are required by their lenders to have property insurance from a rated company.


Possible Bullish Piercing Line Pattern Detected for Universal Insurance Holdings

Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. is an insurance holding company specializing in property and casualty insurance products.


Opinion:  Relieve financial pressures on policyholders

While we’ve dodged a bullet with Hurricane Irene, today Florida is in a precarious position.


Consumer advocate releases list of those asked to serve on auto insurance panel

Hospitals, doctors, lawyers and auto carriers are included on the list of those asked to serve on a working group that will examine Florida’s no-fault insurance law.


Florida Supreme Court may decide medical malpractice cap

Eight years after lawmakers overhauled the state’s medical-malpractice laws, groups are preparing for a possible showdown in the Florida Supreme Court about the constitutionality of a cap on legal damages.


Orange County consumers rally for enforcing health insurance reforms now

Health-Insurance reform was the focus of a small rally Monday in front of the Orange County Courthouse.


State lifts prescription drug state of emergency

Dr. Frank Farmer, the Department of Health Secretary, also announced on Monday that the state would begin enforcing a portion of the state’s new prescription drug law that requires the use of counterfeit-resistant prescription pads.


Hospital sues law firm for legal malpractice

A merger negotiated behind closed doors between a private hospital and public facility spawned a controversy in the Florida Legislature last year and helped lead to the creation of a gubernatorial committee on taxpayer-funded hospital districts.


Politifact:  State Representative Scott Randolph says Governor Rick Scott wants to take away $60 million in health care rebates

Under the leadership of Florida Governor Rick Scott and the state’s Republican-dominated Legislature, Florida has rejected at least $19 million to implement parts of the controversial federal health care bill, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


As Palm Beach County’s uninsured top 265,000, the health safety net frays

The economic downturn has put intense stress on Palm Beach County’s health care safety net, leaving about 28 percent of people 64 and under without any health coverage, according to a report to be heard by Palm Beach County and Health Care District boards at a joint meeting today.


2 in Florida Are Charged In $22 Million Ponzi Scheme

The Securities and Exchange Commission sued two Florida men, claiming that they had defrauded teachers and retirees in a $22 million Ponzi scheme by posing as a private equity fund while enriching themselves.


Suit aims to rid Palm Bay residents of stormwater fees

City officials say utility charge needed to maintain drainage control system

Incensed over stormwater fees levied last year, hundreds of Palm Bay residents contacted an Orlando law firm to support a soon-to-be-filed class action lawsuit to stop the controversial charges.


Public Service Commission begins hearings across state on politically-charged water rate hike requests

The hearings on the Aqua Utilities Florida Inc. requested rate hikes are expected to draw hundreds of protestors and could be politically charged.


Delinquent owners force condo to request receiver

With 50 percent of its owners owing a total of more than a half-million dollars in overdue maintenance fees, a suburban West Palm Beach condo association wants to seize control of delinquent units, bypass owners when it comes to rent collection and possibly even rent units through a third party.


Senator wants voters to pick Florida’s education commissioner

Senator Joe Negron criticizes the current system of having an appointed education commissioner.


Blog:  Senate bills are floating in

With lawmakers set to be in Tallahassee in only a few weeks for a round of committee meetings, lawmakers are starting to file legislation that will be seen in the 2012 legislative session.


THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA:  Bill Would Tax Bottled Water

A proposal to tax bottled water was filed Monday in the Florida Senate, re-igniting a water war that has pitted Senator Evelyn Lynn against bottlers and business groups.


New U.S. property tax rules hit home

Florida counties have probate rules that could cause a lengthy delay and expensive disbursement to settle the estate of a Canadian who dies owning property there.


Louisiana Citizens’ Bond Rating Upgraded

Fitch Ratings has upgraded the bond rating of Louisiana’s property insurer of last resort.


Hurricane Irene Could Revive the Wind vs. Water Debate

From the vantage point of many, Irene’s blow was softer than anticipated.


Alabama Governor Robert Bentley appoints tornado recovery commission

Governor Robert Bentley Monday announced a commission designed to study the devastation from last April’s tornadoes and come up with suggestions for improving Alabama’s preparedness for future storms.


“Fraud Dog” to Fight Insurance Fraud on TV

Fraud-fighter Linda Webb, an expert in fraud investigation, has developed an idea for a TV show set to kick off soon.


Insurance adjusters welcome storm business

As he walked the length of the twin home’s basement in Elkins Park on Monday, Seth Straff took stock of the damage Hurricane Irene had wrought – destruction far beyond the mud squishing under his feet.


Should Congress pass an ‘auto preservation act?’

With the some of the finest automobiles ever on display at car events across the country over the summer, it would be easy to forget there’s more to be concerned about in the collector car world than the price of gasoline and the next mechanic’s bill.




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