Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Apr 4, 2016


Florida Climate-Change Concerns grow as Study Links Flooding to Rising Seas

More Floridians are concerned about climate change, according to a new poll out Monday, the same day a separate study was released that found Miami Beach increasingly prone to flooding due to rising seas.  Bruce Ritchie reports for Politico Florida.


Has Business Biased Florida’s Workers’ Comp Law too far against Labor?  Court Will Decide

Nearly 13 years after lawmakers overhauled Florida’s workers-compensation insurance system, the Florida Supreme Court is poised to hear a legal challenge that could have major implications for businesses, insurers and injured workers, reports.


Florida Arrests 10 in Undercover Workers’ Comp Sting

The Florida Department of Financial Services’ Division of Insurance Fraud announced 10 arrests following a multi-agency undercover workers’ compensation sting in Manatee County, Insurance Journal reports.


Alimony Overhaul Measure goes to Scott

Three years after Governor Rick Scott vetoed a bill that would have overhauled Florida’s alimony laws, a new version landed on his desk Monday.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA reports via the Daily Commercial.


Florida Senate President-Elect to Focus on Universities

Highlighting what is expected to be one of the focuses of his tenure as Senate president, Senator Joe Negron announced Monday he will take a four-day “listening tour” of state universities.


Democrats Eye Florida House Gains

Florida Democrats, vastly outnumbered in the Legislature and shut out of Cabinet seats, are hoping 2016 will mark a turning point in the Republican domination of state politics.  The Orlando Sentinel’s Gray Rohrer reports.


Lawmakers form Fundraising Group to Push Solar Amendment

Senator Jeff Brandes of St. Petersburg and two other lawmakers are launching a new political committee to raise money for a solar energy proposal on Florida’s statewide August 20 primary ballot, the Tampa Bay Times’ Steve Bousquet reports via “The Buzz” blog.


Two South Florida Cities among Most Efficient in Public Spending

Wallet Hub compiled a list of the top 78 cities in the country that have the most efficient public spending, with two Miami-Dade cities making the Top 10, the Palm Beach Post reports.


The Surprising Disappearance of Flakka, the Synthetic Drug that pushed South Florida to the Brink

What happened in Florida, experts say, was the result of unprecedented coordination among local groups to fight flakka’s demand and — most importantly — the unusual willingness of the Chinese government to halt flakka’s production. Florida officials early on blamed overseas labs for supplying the drug flooding American shores.  Todd C. Frankel reports for the Washington Post.


U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Counting Everyone, not just Voters, in Creating Districts

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday unanimously endorsed election maps that bolster the growing political influence of America’s Latinos, ruling that states can count everyone, not just eligible voters, in drawing voting districts.  The Florida Times-Union’s Mark Sherman reports.


First Robot–Run Insurance Agency Opens for Business

Goodbye agency principals, producers and customer service reps, hello Roberto Siber, CPCU.  Lirpa Loof reports for Insurance Journal.





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