Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Thursday, May 26

May 26, 2011


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Insurance-Related News

Poll:  Floridians want more property insurance regulation, not less

Most Floridians want more property Insurance regulation, not less, and they report it’s getting more expensive, according to a poll released today by Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.


Security First Insurance offers valuation service

Security First has introduced a new valuation system for property Insurance it said will more accurately reflect what its insurance policyholders should pay on their belongings.


Manatee County Gets a 50 Percent Hike on Dam Insurance

Like many ordinary Florida homeowners in the wake of a new insurance law signed by Governor Rick Scott, Manatee County is getting a lot less hurricane and property coverage for the same premium, a county attorney told Manatee County Commissioners today.


Martin School Board approves storm insurance settlement

Martin County School Board approved Wednesday a $4.4 million overpayment of Insurance claims stemming from the 2004 and 2005 hurricanes.


Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy Court Hears Zurich American Insurance Case on Builders’ Protective Coverage

Homebuilder Tousa Inc. won an almost complete victory over an insurance company regarding repayment of excess premiums.


Column:  Disappointed by your homeowners insurance company? Might as well get used to it

Getting mail from your homeowners insurance company can feel like receiving a letter from a fickle love interest.


Jacksonville-based FPIC agrees to $362 million medical malpractice buyout

Jacksonville-based medical malpractice insurer FPIC Insurance Group Inc. announced an agreement Tuesday to be acquired by a larger competitor, The Doctors Company, for $362 million.


Rick Scott Supporters Urge Deeper Cuts in State Budget

With strong backing from business interests and tea party conservatives, the way appears clear for Governor Rick Scott to make “significant” cuts in the Legislature’s $69.7 billion spending plan.


Response to Scott in rules case:  ‘Supreme executive power’ is still ‘subject to Florida law’

The legal team that challenged two executive orders issued by Governor Rick Scott has responded to his filings with the state Supreme Court, arguing the governor’s power is not as broad as he claims.


Florida Call Center Rings Up Wrath of Federal Labor Board

A telecommunications company’s decision to expand its work force in Florida has triggered an investigation by the Obama administration’s National Labor Relations Board.


Ban on Internet Cafes Among the First Bills filed for 2012

Governor Rick Scott hasn’t even signed the budget yet, but lawmakers have gotten off to a quick start in preparation for the early 2012 session on Wednesday by filing the five new bills.


Blog:  Experts mixed on whether Scott’s low ratings will hurt GOP

Governor Rick Scott’s voter approval rating hit a historically rare low of 29 percent in a new poll released Wednesday, raising questions about whether his unpopularity could affect Republicans in the 2012 elections.


New Law Gives Some Georgians More Insurance Options

As living costs creep upward, many Americans can’t afford pricey insurance plans, but thanks to a new state law, Georgians now have more coverage options.




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