Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mar 22, 2017


Senate Favors Tax Cuts for Businesses in Last-Minute Swap Hitting Florida Insurers

A massive Tax Cut Package sped through a Florida Senate Committee on Tuesday — but with one big switch, swapping out Salary Tax Credit Incentives for cuts on Commercial Leases in the Sunshine State.  Allison Nielsen reports for


Dangerous Animal Owners in Florida Aren’t Required to Purchase Liability Insurance

If you want to own Dangerous Captive Wildlife in Florida, like Alligators, Venomous Snakes, Lions or Bears, you have to have a Special License.  But you don’t have to have Liability Insurance, even if your Facility is open to the Public.  ABC Action News reports.


Miami-Dade-Backed Legislation Cracking Down on “Rogue” Condo Associations Advances

A plan from Miami-Dade Lawmakers to Penalize Fraud and Abuse in Condominium Associations earned unanimous initial Approval in House and Senate Committees this week.  The Miami Herald’s Kristin M. Clark reports via the “Naked Politics” blog.


Florida Senate Committee Advances Bill to Overhaul Beach Maintenance

The 7-0 Vote by the Senate’s Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee, the Bill’s First Senate Stop, occurred two days after a House Subcommittee also Passed the Bill Unanimously.  Ryan Mills reports for the Naples Daily News.


Tougher Texting-and-Driving Ban Sails Through Senate Committee

Legislation to make Texting while Driving a Primary Offense passed Wednesday unanimously by the Senate Transportation Committee.  Mitch Perry reports for


Race For Rollout Of Self-Driving Cars In Florida Is On

Florida Lawmakers last year passed a Bill that Legalized fully Autonomous Vehicles on Public Roads without a Driver.  Sarah Peters reports for the Palm Beach Post.


Florida Man Arrested for Setting Car on Fire to Collect Insurance Payout

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater announced the recent arrest of Michael Abrams on charges of Arson, Insurance Fraud and Grand Theft after he was accused of devising a plan to have his 2016 Toyota Camry stolen and destroyed so that he could collect insurance.   Insurance Journal has the story.


Floridians and Texans Had Trouble Paying Medical Bills in 2016, Study Says

Residents of Florida and Texas were more likely to report having difficulty paying their Medical Bills in 2016 than those who lived in California or New York, according to a Survey Published Wednesday by the nonprofit Commonwealth Fund, a Health Policy Think Tank and Advocate for Coverage.  The Miami Herald’s Dan Chang reports.


Joe Negron Adds to Committees’ Strength During Dorothy Hukill’s Recovery

While Senator Dorothy Hukill Recovers from Cervical Cancer, Senate President Joe Negron has named Additional Members to Committees on which she serves.  Michael Moline reports for


Plan Would Let Governor Scott Pick Administrative Judges

The notion of limiting the tenure of Administrative Law Judges comes as House Speaker Richard Corcoran pushes a Constitutional Proposal that would Restrict Appellate Judges to serving a Maximum of Two Consecutive Six-Year Terms.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Dara Kam reports via


Senate Begins Discussion of Medical Marijuana Implementing Legislation

Senator Rob Bradley indicated he is willing to support opening up the Medical Marijuana Market more than he first proposed.  Jenna Buzzacco-Foerster reports for


Florida was Among the Biggest Population Gainers Last Year

Three Metro Areas in Florida were among the Nation’s 10 Biggest Gainers in the number of people moving there last year, and another Three Florida Metro Areas were in the top 10 for overall growth rates.  U.S. News reports.


Florida Chamber Laments the Rise of Trial Bar’s Influence with Florida Legislature

The Business Community believes Trial Lawyers hold the upper hand in the Legislature for the first time in years.  Michael Moline reports for


Lawmakers Aim to Create Jobs by Cutting Occupational Licensing Red-Tape

Braiding Hair without a License could get you in trouble in Florida.  So could Cutting and Wrapping Hair and Manicuring Fingernails.  William Patrick writes for


Rock Named Interim Florida Department of Management Services Interim Secretary

Erin Rock, who has been Chief of Staff at the Florida Department of Management Services for nearly a year, was named Interim Secretary Wednesday by Governor Rick Scott as a search is underway for the Agency’s next Leader.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA reports via


Florida Digs In On Death Penalty

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s move to replace a Prosecutor who refused to seek the Death Penalty for an alleged Cop Killer has brought into sharp relief a Nationwide Shift away from Executions.  Beth Reinhard and Arian Campo-Flores report for the Wall Street Journal.


Bill Requiring Insurance Discounts for Resilient Homes Passes Oklahoma House

A Bill that would require a Homeowner’s Insurance Company to factor into the Insurance Premium the more resilient construction if the Homeowner retrofits or builds a new home to certain specified standards has passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives.  Insurance Journal reports.




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