Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Thursday, June 7

Jun 7, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Insurance-Related News


Florida Supreme Court:  No Penalty for Insurer Not Following Hurricane Deductible Disclosure to a “T”

The failure to strictly follow the requirements for providing policyholders with information about their hurricane deductible does not mean the deductible is unenforceable, Florida’s high court has ruled.


If a hurricane hits, we’ll all pay

With hurricane season upon us, sensible consumers have been hanging hurricane shutters and putting together a hurricane-preparedness kit.


Column:  Citizens Property Insurance sinking under weight of unsustainable coverage

When he looks at one aspect of the company he runs, Tom Grady gets a sinking feeling.


Florida, Virginia have best building codes, study says

Florida and Virginia have received good marks in a survey that looks at building codes in hurricane-prone states.


Florida lacking in child care plans for disasters

As the 2012 hurricane season takes hold, Florida’s disaster plans for the evacuation and relocation of children in licensed day care centers are lacking, a national study by an international nonprofit children’s aid organization contends.


Efficiency panel urges health insurance parity

All state employees — from the governor and chief justice to the janitor and newest clerk — would pay the same for their health insurance, under a recommendation approved Wednesday by a special commission on cutting operating costs of Florida government.


Florida responds to federal request in voter purge case

Secretary of State Ken Detzner responded late Wednesday afternoon to the U.S. Department of Justice’s request that Florida stop efforts to purge noncitizens from the state’s voting rolls.


League of Women Voters restarts registration drive

Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho said that in 2004 third-party groups registered a number of voters equivalent to 13 percent of the county’s November turnout of 136,000.


Primary Battles Building Across Florida as Qualifying Continues

Representative Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, and former Representative Aaron Bean of Fernandina Beach made it official Wednesday, filing their qualifying paperwork to run for the Florida Senate.


Florida justices hearing traffic court argument

The Florida Supreme Court is hearing oral argument over a proposed self-incrimination warning for traffic court defendants.


Teamsters, Florida Department of Corrections clash over probation policy

The labor union that represents the state’s corrections officers is trying to block cost-saving measures at the Department of Corrections that limit officers’ ability to visit parolees and probationers in their homes.


Task force faces big hurdles to save state billions of dollars

If Florida government truly were efficient, universities would offer a full complement of classes all summer.


Ethics watchdog group calls for reforms

Watchdog group Integrity Florida says the state led the nation in federal corruption convictions from 2000 to 2010.


New Regulatory Non-Governmental Council Formed

Former regulators and legislators have created a new committee aimed at putting pressure on Washington officials to continue to focus on rules and laws aimed at reducing systemic risk in financial markets.


Louisiana Legislature Takes Wrong Turn on Rates

The Louisiana Legislature wrapped up their 2012 session late June 4 by passing S.B. 204 , a bill that would reinstate a partial suspension of the requirement that state-run Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation must charge rates at least 10 percent more than those in the private market.


Hurricane conference opens in Biloxi  

The Gulf States hurricane Conference is under way in Biloxi, Mississippi, with more than 300 emergency managers and first responders attending from Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Texas.


Hurricane Region Residents Urged to Have Tech Backups

People living in hurricane prone areas should have a backup tech plan in case a storm hits, because Internet and cell phone connections are likely to go out, FEMA director Craig Fugate said recently during the first day of the Atlantic Hurricane Center.



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