Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report–Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feb 12, 2015


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


Florida House bill aims to curb contractor abuses by barring attorneys’ fees

Attorneys would not be able to collect fees if they sued insurance companies on behalf of a repair contractor or other third party to an insurance contract, if a proposed state law filed this week is enacted, the Sun-Sentinel’s Ron Hurtibise reports.


Changes to FEMA flood maps not finished

New government maps that identify more than 40,000 additional properties in Sarasota County with the highest risk for flooding have sparked widespread concern over the cost to insure those homes.  Josh Salman reports for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.


What Florida Agents Need to Know About Burned Lawn Claims

By passing on risk management best practices, insurance agents can help their landscape or pest control clients mitigate the risks of burned lawn claims, John Culotta explains for National Underwriter’s


Boca Raton halts use of red-light cameras amid legal challenges

Boca Raton has become the latest city in South Florida to stop issuing tickets through its automatic red-light cameras now posted at six intersections.   Anne Geggis and Susannah Bryan report for the Sun-Sentinel.


Hillsborough regulators seek injunction to stop Uber, Lyft

Even with threats and fines, Hillsborough County hasn’t been able to get ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft off the streets.  Tampa Bay Times’ Caitlin Johnston reports.


Florida jury finds concierge medical firm should pay $8.5 million in damages

The option to sue so-called “medical concierge” is always available to those who pay as much as $1,800 a year for next-day appointments to see what are supposed to be top-flight doctors and get access to the best hospitals in the nation, the Palm Beach Post reports via


Right place, right time or wrong bill at any time?   Doctors and health plans will battle it out over SB 784

Filed by former Senate President Don Gaetz, SB 784 would prohibit HMOs and prepaid health plans from establishing prior authorization requirements, step therapy requirements, treatment protocols or other utilization management tool unless they are supported by “sufficient clinical evidence.”’s Christine Jordan Sexton reports for


Florida Department of State reviewing protocol after giving Bush email archive with sensitive information

The Florida Department of State is reviewing protocol after giving Jeb Bush a massive email archive that included some personal information from people who wrote to the former governor, Tampa Bay Times’ Alex Leary reports via “The Buzz” blog.


Judge:  Florida State Attorney’s Office must pay $26,000 in attorney fees for public-records lawsuit

A judge Wednesday ordered the Florida State Attorney’s Office to pay about $26,000 in attorney’s fees and costs because the office didn’t provide public records to a citizen in a reasonable amount of time.  The Florida Times Union’s Andrew Pantazi reports.


Florida lawmakers just say no to their own rules on license plates

Lawmakers have proposed eight new specialty license plates so far this session –even though they agreed last year not to issue any more until 2017.  The Sun-Sentinel’s Dan Sweeney reports.


Janet Cruz gears up to become next Florida House Democratic leader

Tampa State Representative Janet Cruz’s coming ascension to the position of House Democratic leader is notably lacking the antipathy and turmoil current which attended that of current Minority Leader Mark Pafford, Ryan Ray reports for


Mississippi House OKs bill to show insurance losses by ZIP code

Backers hope a unanimous vote in the House on Wednesday will give an insurance-clarity bill some momentum going to the Senate, Paul Hampton reports for the Biloxi Sun-Herald.


Bills Aimed at Property Claims Litigation Expected in Texas Legislative Session

Texas lawmakers are expected to file legislation this year aimed at stemming the tide of property claims litigation in the wake of catastrophic weather events, such as hailstorms.  Insurance Journal’s Stephanie K. Jones reports.


Auto Insurers Accused Of Pushing Cheap, Dangerous Repairs

Headlights held together by glue, dented rims and a new hood that’s already coming apart are among the kinds of parts allegedly being pushed to go into cars as part of the repairs, according to some repair shops and attorneys general.  Scott Bronstein and Drew Griffin report for CNN.


Guy Carpenter Explains Collateralized Reinsurance Transactions

Guy Carpenter has provided an answer to a rarely asked question, but one which increasingly affects insurers and reinsurers: namely, what’s involved in a collateralized reinsurance transaction?



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