Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dec 22, 2016


After Two Hurricanes in 2016, a Dry Florida Faces a New Threat in 2017: Wildfires

Florida was drenched by two hurricanes in 2016, yet it faces a completely different problem in 2017: an increased risk of wildfires this winter.  The Tampa Bay Times’ Craig Pittman reports.


New Metric Shows That When Building in Areas Prone to Natural Disasters, it Pays to Make Informed Decisions

The CSHub recently presented its Break-Even Hazard Mitigation Percentage, to Officials in Florida and Georgia—States that can see millions in Property Damage due to Hurricanes.  Anne Wilson Yu reports for


1.5 Million Visitors Stayed with Floridians Through Airbnb

Miami-Dade County, by far, had the most Airbnb Business of any County in Florida with $113 Million in Income for its hosts.  The Associated Press reports via the Naples Daily News.


Audit Hits Florida Housing Agency

Established in 1998, Florida Housing Finance oversees Government Programs designed to increase the State’s Stock of Affordable Housing.  It also administers Florida’s $1.1 Billion Hardest Hit Fund, which provides Mortgage Relief to Struggling Homeowners.  Susan Taylor Martin reports for the Tampa Bay Times.


GOP Legislator Proposes Bill to Re-Institute Florida’s Motorcycle Helmet Law

Sixteen years after the Florida Legislature scrapped a Helmet Mandate for most motorcyclists, a measure filed this week would Re-Institute it in the name of saving lives.  Troy Kinsey reports for BayNew9.


Florida a Leader in Suspending Drivers Licenses for Non-Driving-Related Drug Offenses

Florida suspends more Drivers’ Licenses as a result of Drug Convictions than almost any other State in the Country, but the punishment creates more problems than it actually solves, according to a Criminal Justice Reform Group.  William Patrick reports for


Feds:  Florida Leads the Nation in Obamacare Enrollment for 2017

Florida is leading the Nation in the number of people signing up for Obamacare for 2017, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported Wednesday.  Christine Sexton reports for Politico Florida.


Alleged Fraud Charges Against Ousted Broward Health Executive Referred to Justice Department

Alleged Fraud Charges against Ousted Broward Health Interim CEO Pauline Grant have been referred to the U.S. Justice Department, where Federal Authorities are considering possible Administrative Enforcement, the Health System’s Board of Commissioners learned Wednesday.  Christine Sexton reports for Politico Florida.


Florida Governor Rick Scott Writes to Raúl Castro: “Allow a New Era of Freedom and Opportunity”

Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott sent a Letter to Cuban President Raúl Castro on Tuesday, calling for him to Change Course and “Allow a New Era of Freedom and Opportunity for Cuba.”  The Tampa Bay Times’ Kristin M. Clark reports via “The Buzz” blog.


Failure to land $10 million grant grates on sober home community

Members of the Palm Beach County Sober Home Task Force were incredulous this week that the County Lost Out on Millions of Dollars of State Money to fight the Heroin Epidemic.  Lawrence Mower and John Pacenti report for the Palm Beach Post.

·         Subject of Post Investigation Arrested in Sober Home Fraud


Feds Sue Jacksonville Over City Refusal of Homeless Housing

Federal Civil Rights Attorneys have Sued the City of Jacksonville for refusing to allow a Nonprofit Organization to Convert an Old Apartment Building into Housing for the Homeless.  The Associated Press reports via


Richard Corcoran Won’t Take Attorney General’s Job if Scott Offers

With Pam Bondi’s Departure for the Donald Trump Administration seen as likely, Governor Rick Scott may soon have the luxury of Appointing a Replacement Attorney General through the Next Election in 2018, giving him Two Votes on the Four-Member Cabinet.


Gun Proposals Could Have a Better Shot in the Florida Senate

A measure that would expand how and where Florida’s more than 1.67 Million Concealed-Weapons License Holders can Carry Handguns may have an easier path through the Senate in 2017 than in the past.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Jim Turner reports via


Vermont Governor-Elect Reappoints Commissioner Pieciak

Vermont Governor-elect Phil Scott announced he would Reappoint Michael Pieciak as Commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation. The Department will also retain the Deputy Commissioners for each of its Four Divisions, which include Kaj Samsom for Insurance, Insurance Journal reports.




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