Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report–Monday, October 6, 2014

Oct 6, 2014


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


Patient being tested for Ebola in Miami

A patient was tested for Ebola Sunday at a Miami-area hospital, Florida Governor Rick Scott said.  Orlando Sentinel’s Susan Jacobson reports.


Fire violations weren’t logged in Jacksonville records; inspector sues after being investigated

Businesses with outdated fire extinguishers and other equipment issues were wrongly listed by a Jacksonville fire inspector as having no problems, records obtained by Florida Times-Union’s Steve Patterson show.


Safe from storms in October?  Think again

With two-thirds of the 2014 hurricane season in the books without a single threat to Florida – and not a whisper of a storm on the horizon – it’s difficult not to be lulled into a sense of complacency, Tampa Tribune’s Keith Morelli reports.


Florida prison chief announces overhaul in care for mentally ill inmates

The Florida Department of Corrections announced on Friday a “sweeping” overhaul of the way it cares for mentally ill inmates, the Miami Herald’s Julie K. Brown reports via “The Buzz” blog.


A second term for Governor Rick Scott would bring huge tests

Supporters of Governor Rick Scott say that if you liked his first term in office, you’ll love his second.  But critics say that if Scott is liberated from having to face voters again, he’ll revert to the divisiveness that marked his first year in office.  Tampa Bay Times Steve Bousquet makes the analysis.


Amendment 3 could reshape Florida’s high court

Amendment 3 may be the most important Florida constitutional change nobody’s talking about, Orlando Sentinel’s Aaron Deslatte reports.


Florida conservation amendment faces hurdles

A proposed state constitutional amendment dedicating money for environmental preservation is yet another source of contention between Republicans and Democrats aiming to win, or keep, seats representing Pinellas County in the Legislature.  Tampa Tribune’s Kate Bradshaw reports.


Customs overwhelmed at Fort Lauderdale airport

International passenger traffic has sharply increased at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in the past three years – and so have waiting times to move through U.S., the Sun-Sentinel reports.


Latest on Florida’s legislative staffing merry-go-round

With a hat-tip to LobbyTools, reports the latest on who is on and who is off the legislative staffing merry-go-round.


Insurer USAA Seeks OK to Test Drones for Disaster Claims Service

United Services Automobile Association, the insurer that specializes in coverage for military families, has filed for permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to use unmanned drone aircraft at disaster sites to assess damage, Associated Press reports.


Wal-Mart adds in-store program to help customers compare insurance offerings

Wal-Mart announced Monday that it will dive deeper into the health-care market, unveiling an initiative to allow customers to compare and enroll in health insurance plans in thousands of its stores, Sarah Halzack reports for the Washington Post.


California Insurance Commissioner Race Pits Two Starkly Different Candidates

On election day, November 4, California voters will choose between two starkly different candidates for the powerful post:  incumbent Democrat Dave Jones, elected in 2010, and a Republican challenger, state Senator Ted Gaines.  Marc Lifsher reports for the Los Angeles Times.


Fortune-Tellers, Step Aside:  Big Data Looks For Future Entrepreneurs

One firm is taking things one step further (or, actually, backward) by using an algorithm to try to find entrepreneurs before they even start a company, National Public Radio’s Priska Neely reports.




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