Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Monday, October 16, 2017

Oct 16, 2017

After Irma:  Why Are 90% Of Flood Claims Being Denied?

Nine out of 10 Flood Claims resolved by the National Flood Insurance Program in the early going after Hurricane Irma have been closed without payment, Federal Records provided to Florida Officials show.  The Palm Beach Post’s Charles Elmore reports for the “Protecting Your Pocket” blog.

No, It’s Still Not Time For A National Cat Fund. It Never Will Be.

Every few years, after a Major Hurricane Strike or other Disaster, there are renewed calls for Congress to establish a National Catastrophe Fund to provide a safety net for Property Insurers and Cheaper Coverage for Homeowners. A recent Tampa Bay Times Editorial on the Topic is thus just the latest in a long series.  Right Street’s Christian Camera blogs for Insurance Journal.

Massive $23 Million Auto Insurance Fraud Was An Intricate Operation

In one of many conversations secretly recorded by the Feds, one of the Chiropractors fretted about what would happen if an Insurance Company became suspicious and sent an Undercover Patient or “Plant” into the Clinics.   Paula McMahon reports for the Sun-Sentinel.

Florida Hired Owner of Hollywood Nursing Home Where Patients Died To Plan For Disasters

Twice in the last Five years, Florida hired to review Area Disaster Planning a Hospital run by the Owner of the Hollywood Nursing Home where Elderly Patients Died after Hurricane Irma cut power to air-conditioning.  Dan Christensen reports for the

Florida Wins When Trump Scraps Obamacare Subsidies, Experts Say

But the Urban Institute Reports that Florida stands to gain from the canceling of an Obamacare Subsidy, called Cost Sharing Reduction, which reduces Out-of-Pocket Costs such as Deductibles and Co-Payments for Low-Income Americans. The Health Law also provides a Second Subsidy that reduces the Monthly Premium for Low- and Middle- Income Consumers.

·         Trump’s Obamacare Order Could Roil Florida Insurance Markets

Building For Disaster

The Regulatory Review conducted a Study of the difference in Damage to Homes built before and after Enactment of the Florida Building Code in 2001.  Jeffrey Czajkowski, Kevin Simmons and James Done report.

Hurricane Irma Will Be “Quite Expensive” For FPL Customers

Florida Power & Light’s Response to Hurricane Irma was the Most Massive in the Company’s History — Bigger, Company Executives say, than any other Utility’s Response to a Hurricane. Anywhere.  Eve Samples reports for

How the Florida Keys are Coming Back to Life

No one knows when—or if—the Area will return to its formerly bountiful economy.  Nick Madigan reports for the New York Times.

3 Appeals for Hurricane Aid Pending in Florida Since 2004

Dozens of requests for Reimbursement from FEMA are still Pending, including at least Three Cases in Florida Pending for over a Decade.  The Associated Press reports via the Sun-Sentinel.

Florida’s Senate Race Shaping Up As A Clash Of Titans

Three-Term Democratic Senator Bill Nelson is bracing for the Re-Election Fight of his career against GOP Governor Rick Scott and his untold Millions.  Marc Caputo and Edward-Isaac Dovere report for Politico.

Florida Minimum Wage Increasing to $8.25 Per Hour in 2018

The Increase is a small step toward the much-touted goal of Workers’ Rights Groups — $15 Per Hour.  The Associated Press reports via the Tampa Tribune.

Fed Chair:  Hurricanes Had “Noticeable” Short-Term Impact On Economy

The Chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen said on Sunday that the recent hurricanes that ravaged parts of the Caribbean and Southeastern U.S. have had a “Noticeable” Impact on the Economy, however it is not expected last long term.  Julia Manchester reports for

Butler Named Chief of Staff at Louisiana Insurance Department

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon has Appointed Mary Elizabeth “Liz” Butler as Chief of Staff of the Louisiana Department of Insurance.  Insurance Journal reports.

PCI Looks to Boost Awareness of Rises in Auto Fatality Rates

The US Property/Casualty Market must focus on a number of Long-Term Challenges that threaten Insurers and Reinsurers, according to David Sampson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America.  The Intelligent Insurer reports.

IRS Alerts Tax Pros To Insurance Form Scam

Government says Cybercriminals have found ways to Access Life Insurance and Annuity Accounts. reports.

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