Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, October 15

Oct 15, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


(CANCELED) 9:00 a.m.–Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Depopulation Committee meeting; Teleconference:  855-312-8651; participant code:  4458606638#.  To view the meeting notice, click here.



    Daily Insurance-Related News


    State Representative Frank Artiles:  3 Reasons Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Loan Plan Is Bad Idea

    It’s been years since a major hurricane has hit Florida, and the good news for Floridians is that property insurers are filing applications to write policies in the state again.


    Citizens Property Insurance Looking To “De-Populate” Roles

    Thousands of South Florida homeowners insured by the state-run Citizens’ Property Insurance have gotten a letter from them recently that said they’ve been dropped because they didn’t send in a form or time or encouraging them to go with insurance company that they’ve never heard of.


    Walter Dartland:  New Insurance Program Looks Promising

    There has been a very lively debate surrounding a proposed program from the state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.


    South Florida State Farm customers may see rates decrease

    Homeowners still covered by State Farm Florida Insurance Co. in heavily populated South Florida would see average rates decrease by up to 8.4 percent under rates approved last month.


    Naples residents could see fire insurance rate increase if city doesn’t meet standards 

    Naples residents could soon pay as much as 11 percent more for their fire insurance if the city does not come into compliance with 2012 state standards.


    Task force tracks down “cheat to compete” contractors

    It’s a business model that is lucrative, flagrant and popular – but illegal.


    Florida workers compensation rates now 29th most expensive

    Florida’s workers compensation insurance rates have climbed from 40th to 29th most expensive in the nation over the last two years.


    Marketing medical insurance to individuals

    Dozens of senior citizens gathered last week at a handsome, two-story building with a glassy facade that resembles an upscale retail store.


    Orlando title company exec pleads to embezzling

    Orlando resident Douglas Wayne Bartle III, founder of Vision Title LLC, pleaded guilty to embezzlement charges recently in U.S. Middle District Court.


    3 GOP senators endorse Supreme Court justices

    Three Republican state senators, “deeply concerned” about mixing politics into the judiciary, urged their party Friday to reconsider its “unprecedented” call for voters to reject three Florida Supreme Court justices who are up for a hotly contested retention vote on the November 6 statewide ballot.


    Column:  In this taxing time, Florida proves to have an advantage 

    At a time when taxes are such a big part of the political discussion, Florida has been lauded once again as one of the top places for a favorable business-tax climate.


    Blog:  Trial lawyers, Disney underwriting new Dorworth group

    Turns out, Florida’s trial lawyers are even bigger Chris Dorworth fans than we realized.


    Blog:  Five Florida governors offer critique of state’s future

    Five of Florida’s living former governors met at the University of Florida Friday and offered up bi-partisan cautions about the future direction of the state. 


    Florida Senator Bill Montford seeking re-election to state Senate

    State Senator Bill Montford, D-Tallahassee, is hoping his wealth of experience in education will help secure his District 3 Senate seat for another term.


    THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA:  Battle Takes Shape Over Local Gun Law

    A Leon County circuit judge said last week that two South Florida counties can pursue a legal challenge against Governor Rick Scott about a state crackdown on local gun restrictions, though the House and Senate will be dropped from the case.


    Virtually unregulated, Internet sweepstakes cafes multiply in Clearwater

    Barbara Cramer plays the slots three times a week, handing over at least $60 each time and winning – so far – exactly nothing.


    New York Times:  Turning Point for Suits Over Chinese Drywall

    Three years ago, Colleen Stephens moved her family from a 5,000-square-foot, newly renovated home overlooking the bay in Virginia Beach into a house half the size and much farther inland.


    Texas Supreme Court Takes Up Contractual Liability Issue, Again

    One of the most fascinating aspects of writing about insurance litigation is that often issues that we discuss seem to be “finally” decided, only to reappear again.



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