Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, November 26

Nov 26, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events

1:00 p.m.–Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Claims Committee meeting; Teleconference:  866-361-7525; participant code:  5219676193#.  To view the meeting notice, click here.



    Daily Insurance-Related News


    Former Florida Representative Saunders seeks new insurance company for Keys

    The former Democratic House Leader from Key West is trying to gather interest among insurers to cover policies in the Keys and take them out of Citizens Property Insurance Corp.


    Florida Regulators OK Allstate’s Castle Key Rate Increases

    Florida regulators have approved a statewide average rate increase of 14.9 percent for Allstate ‘s Florida unit, Castle Key Insurance Co.


    U.S. Census:  San Jose has lowest housing vacancy rate; Florida markets have worst

    More than 95 percent of all houses, apartments and condominiums in the San Jose area are occupied, a distinction that no other major market can claim.

    • Click here for more information about the American Community Survey.


    Forbes:  Florida Enforcement Of Illinois Judgment In Weiss Case Highlights Interstate Enforcement Issue

    This new case arises, amazingly in terms of time, from the 1972 divorce in Illinois of former beloveds Donald and Lois Weiss.


    Should You Be Driving? New Website Lets Florida Drivers Know if License Is Up to Date

    A Hallandale attorney has launched a website to help Florida motorists track the status of their driver’s licenses. And he’s doing it completely pro bono.


    Online Voting Begins Monday on New Florida License Tag Design

    Florida is driving toward a new license plate design expected to make it easier for law enforcement and toll collectors to read, and starting Monday residents can offer their preferences.


    Blog:  Florida’s Medicaid increases hinge on legislative ruling — now or later?

    The first crucial date is a mere six weeks away for Florida to obey a requirement to start paying Medicaid providers higher rates, but even with the recent softening tones of the state’s Republican leadership, it’s unclear whether the state will approve the payments.


    Florida Senate bills start rolling in

    Senator Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, was prepared when he arrived in Tallahassee for the one-day organizational session this week.


    Blog:  Florida Legislative leaders are ready to shelve $5 million budget-transparency program

    Florida’s new legislative leadership team and the 44 new legislators who took the oath of office in Tallahassee last Tuesday pledged to keep close tabs on the state budget and weed out waste in government contracts.


    Get Set for Higher Power Bills in January as Florida Power & Light Bids for Annual Increases Through 2016

    While hoping regulators will approve a controversial settlement proposal, Florida Power & Light gave notice this week that it plans to increase base rates in January.


    Big changes could be coming to Florida, local pension systems

    Overhauling the state’s retirement program for new employees could result in big changes for government pension plans in Broward and Palm Beach counties.


    More toll express lanes coming to South Florida

    Motorists will find it more expensive to drive around South Florida roadways in coming years, as a new network of toll lanes takes shape.


    Blog:  Fort Lauderdale-Cuba charter flights suspended

    Charters flights to Cuba from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport have been suspended after the country halted the landing rights of flight operator Airline Brokers Co.


    Florida secures $46 million for Howey bridge replacement

    Lake County and state transportation officials have long talked about replacing the aging Howey bridge, which underwent a face-lift two years ago.


    Some offended as Florida surveys young women about their sex lives

    The state of Florida is asking thousands of young women some intimate questions their sex lives and is giving them a $10 gift card in return – but some who received the survey are offended.


    Wall Street Journal:  Some fear New Jersey storm fixes could dictate development

    Some advocates fear that rebuilding efforts could take shape on New Jersey’s storm-devastated shore before thoughtful decisions can be made about just how the area should be rebuilt.


    Blog:  In Louisiana, Private Insurers Come Marching in

    Good news out of the Pelican State. While similar state-run insurance entities in Florida and Texas continue to grow at unsustainable paces, Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp. has managed to reduce its policy count by 43 percent since its post-Katrina high of 174,000 in February 2008.


    Commissioner Says Security Breach at Nationwide Compromises Oklahoma Customer Information

    Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak says a security breach at an Ohio-based insurer has compromised the personal information of 534 Oklahomans.

    •             Nationwide Insurance Data Breach Could Affect 28,000 in Georgia


    Black Friday Means More Claims for Auto Insurers

    Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when the holiday-shopping rush begins, brings droves of people to stores and plenty of claims for auto insurers, says Progressive Insurance.



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