Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

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Daily Florida Insurance-Related News

Court order brings acrimonious 2015 Legislative Session to close

A last-ditch effort to force the Florida Legislature back to work floundered on Friday after the state’s highest court ruled that there would be no “beneficial result” to force the state House to reconvene.  The Associated Press’ Gary Fineout reports via


Unease, possibility of deadlock await Florida Legislature’s summer session

After a health care funding fight hijacked the end of the regular legislative session, House and Senate members who have spent the past few weeks arguing will have to return to Tallahassee this summer to write a state budget.  Matt Dixon reports via Scripps’ “Political Fix Florida” blog.


Without bills to vote on, Florida lawmakers attend public hearing on hospital funding

As lawmakers continued to quarrel over the abrupt end of the legislative session, state healthcare officials on Friday held the last of three public hearings on the hospital funding program at the center of the stalemate.  The Miami Herald’s Kathleen McGrory reports.


This year’s volatile legislative session ranks near bottom in number of bills passed 

As a contentious legislative session came to an end last week, this year’s 60-day meeting of lawmakers officially ranked near the bottom among those over the past 15 years with the least amount of bills passed.  Jenna Buzzacco-Foerster reports via Scripps’ “Political Fix Florida” blog.


Between Sessions, Lawmakers Can Now Fundraise

With a billion dollar battle forcing the legislative session off the rails, lawmakers are in the unique position of being able to hold political fundraisers just before they meet in a special session to approve the state’s nearly $80 billion budget.  Matt Dixon reports via Scripps’ “Political Fix Florida” blog.


Legislative gridlock, dissension and uncertainty:  Will it matter for GOP?

The Florida House quit early.  Senate Democrats sued.  The state still has no budget, and no one has figured out a compromise on how to pay for healthcare.  The Miami Herald’s Mary Ellen Klas posts the story by Patricia Mazzei on the “Naked Politics” blog. 

Owner of Florida Medical Clinic Arrested for PIP Fraud

The Florida Department of Financial Services’ Division of Insurance Fraud has arrested Roxana Suarez La Rosa on charges related to PIP fraud, Insurance Journal reports.


Romancing the Drone:  Demand Takes Off In South Florida

Scores of companies in South Florida are betting on the future of drones, anticipating a future with more relaxed rules.  The Miami Herald’s Nancy Dahlberg reports.


Property Claim Litigation Bill Passed by the Texas Senate

The Texas Senate on April 30 passed a bill aimed at stemming the onslaught of property claim litigation that has been occurring with increasing frequency in the state following natural catastrophes, Insurance Journal’s Stephanie K. Jones reports.


60,000 Auto Insurance Claims Expected from April Hailstorms in Texas

Multiple hailstorms in Texas over the second half of April are expected to result in at least 60,000 auto insurance claims, the Insurance Council of Texas reported.







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