Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, July 2

Jul 2, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Insurance-Related News


New Florida Citizens Property Insurance Chief Executive Officer Ready for Most Challenging Job of His Career 

While insurance executives typically do all they can to grow their companies, Barry Gilway was hired to do a different kind of job as the new president and chief executive officer of Florida Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.


Florida’s Anti-Fraud Auto Insurance Law Now in Effect

A trio of constitutionally questionable measures and legislation designed to crack down on no-fault auto insurance fraud are among about 150 new Florida laws going into effect Sunday.


Blog:  Feud over Citizens Property Insurance becoming a North v. South fight

It’s deja vu all over again.


Opinion:  Another hurricane would be costly

In the wake of tropical storm Debby’s brush with the Panhandle last week a graphic on the front page of USA Today caught my eye.


Florida regulators set to grill insurers on force-placed policies

Florida regulators will question executives of Praetorian Insurance Co. and two insurers that want Praetorian to take over their force-placed insurance policies this week.


Florida Governor Rick Scott:  We won’t comply with health care law 

Florida Governor Rick Scott now says Florida will do nothing to comply with President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul and will not expand its Medicaid program.


Counties’ Medicaid bills remain in dispute  

State health officials must respond by today to charges their new Medicaid payment structure unfairly punishes local governments.


Two title insurers flag land trust property transactions

Old Republic National Title Insurance, which carries the largest share of Florida’s market at 30 percent, according to the Florida Land Title Association, first circulated its warning in November.


Mobile home sales stay strong in Southwest Florida

Homes that can be moved are having more staying power with buyers so far in 2012.


Florida’s work-release centers quietly going private  

When Governor Rick Scott and legislators tried to privatize South Florida prisons, the state Senate rejected it.


Florida Legislator Wants to Allow Sentencing Discretion 

Florida’s criminal justice system is scrambling to close what could be a massive gap between judicial discretion and the state’s mandatory minimum sentence laws in cases involving juveniles in the wake of a recent court decision.


Gamble of giving tax dollars to businesses doesnt pay off in jobs

If you’re looking for a job in Florida, you need to prove to the state that you’re really trying or you could lose your unemployment check – up to $275 per week.


Scientists Conclude Rise in Sea Level Cannot Be Stopped

Rising sea levels cannot be stopped over the next several hundred years, even if deep emissions cuts lower global average temperatures, but they can be slowed down, climate scientists said in a study on Sunday.


New York Times:  As Furniture Burns Quicker, Firefighters Reconsider Tactics

One of the first tasks for firefighters arriving at a blazing home has long been to ventilate the structure – make holes in it – so that hot gases and smoke can escape.



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