Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, August 6

Aug 6, 2012



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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


10:00 a.m.–Florida Division of Consumer Services Proposed Rule Hearing.  Proposed repeal of Rules relating to the My Safe Florida Home Program, which the Florida Legislature stopped funding in 2009.  To view the hearing notice, click here.



    Daily Insurance-Related News


    Insurers push back in Temporary Increase in Coverage Limit fight

    Upset over not being granted a waiver to avoid paying for optional state-backed reinsurance they say is unnecessary, two insurance companies are fighting back against the decision to block the waiver.


    Backlash grows against Citizens Property Insurance inspections

    Executives at the state’s last-resort insurer Citizens acknowledge a massive building reinspection campaign is “under fire.”


    Editorial:  Bribery and insurance shouldn’t mix

    It’s been clear for years that brand-name property insurance companies will not cover more Florida homeowners no matter how high their premiums are set.


    Property insurance for a coastal community

    The story is a familiar one. After paying premiums for 20 years without making a single claim, I was unceremoniously dumped by my property insurance carrier in 2006.


    More than half of required Florida counties have opted out of septic tank inspections

    Ten of 19 counties that must act by January 1 under a new septic tank inspection law have voted to opt out of having an inspection program, according to the Florida Department of Health.


    Florida Regulators Question Auto Insurance Savings

    Florida regulators are warning that a preliminary report estimating a new law will cut no-fault auto insurance premiums by 12 percent to 20 percent may be misleading and overly optimistic.


    Florida Tops in Watercraft Theft

    The National Insurance Crime Bureau published this week its latest report on watercraft theft and recoveries in the United States.


    Early voting begins Saturday across the state

    Early voting for the August 14 primary goes statewide Saturday.


    The Florida Current’s Campaign Roundup:  Primary clock ticks down

    Check out The Florida Current’s primary profiles this week on Senate District 4, Senate District 12 and Senate District 15.


    Lieutenant Governor Carroll heads to native Trinidad on trade mission

    Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll will return to Trinidad and Tobago, where she was born, on Saturday as part of a five-day trade mission to the island nation off the coast of Venezuela.


    Blog:  Bean-Weinstein Florida Senate race has implications beyond Northeast Florida 

    Using the most literal definition, Senate District 4’s boundaries include all of Nassau and portions of Duval County.


    Florida House District 2:  Clay Ford a Heavy Favorite Over Republican Primary Challenger

    Representative Clay Ford, R-Pensacola, faces a challenger in the Republican House District 2 primary on August 14 as he seeks another term in the Florida House of Representatives representing parts of the Panhandle.


    Florida House District 5:  Despite GOP Primary, Marti Coley in Good Shape to Head Back to Tallahassee

    As she seeks to win a fourth full term in the Florida House of Representatives, Representative Marti Coley, R-Marianna, is a heavy favorite to head back to Tallahassee despite opposition in the Republican primary in House District 5 on August 14.


    Groups pour money into Bernard-Clemens battle in Florida Senate District 27

    In Palm Beach County’s hottest primary, Democratic state Representative Mack Bernard has raised $114,336 and Democratic state Representative Jeff Clemens has amassed $119,503 in their pursuit of the District 27 state Senate seat.


    Florida construction industry on verge of a comeback, seers say, thanks to influx of newcomers

    The next big thing driving Florida’s job growth could be the same as the last big thing: construction.


    Louisiana Civil Service Panel Approves Insurance Contractor

    The state’s Civil Service Commission narrowly agreed Wednesday to the Jindal administration’s hiring of a private company to manage a Louisiana state employee health insurance plan, a cost-cutting move that will eliminate 177 full-time government jobs.




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