Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, April 9

Apr 9, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Insurance-Related News


Governor Rick Scott Signs Hospital, Pharmacy Vaccination Bills

Resolving two long-running debates, Governor Rick Scott has signed bills that will give more vaccination powers to pharmacists and increase oversight of the sales or leases of public hospitals.


Changes to communications taxes coming under bill signed by Governor Scott

Governor Rick Scott on Friday approved a set of tweaks to Florida’s communications taxes, as part of a measure that could lay the groundwork for a more wide-ranging overhaul of the state’s communications tax system.


Governor Rick Scott signs Florida cap and trade law repeal

Governor Rick Scott has signed a bill repealing a cap and trade law designed to control power plant emissions in Florida.


Budget vetoes seen as less likely in Governor Scott’s second year

Governor Rick Scott says he doesn’t expect to come “anywhere close” to last year’s record $615 million in budget vetoes as he wraps up his review of the legislature’s new $70 billion spending plan.


South Florida home-building on the way back

Buyers looking for a brand new home are likely to have more to choose from this year.


Politicians consider demographics in Florida’s newly formed districts

A byproduct of the state’s newly drawn political lines is the emergence of open seats, or districts with no incumbent.


Hamilton County voters to decide on slots, but might not get them anyway

Even if Hamilton County voters approve a referendum allowing slot machines in their county during a special election Tuesday, the machines are unlikely to be installed at the Hamilton Downs track in Jasper.


Governor Rick Scott vetoes bill allowing zoo animals on public lands

Governor Rick Scott on Friday vetoed HB 1117, a bill that would have allowed the Cabinet to approve placing zoo animals on public lands.


Governor Scott gets early start on his campaign trail

If Florida Governor Rick Scott’s two days in Sarasota showed anything last week, it is that he is growing more aggressive about seeking re-election in 2014.


Governor Scott weighs changes to contributions to state investment plans

About a sixth of Florida’s state employees could see another retirement plan change.


Louisiana bill reducing insurance collateral passes panel

A House committee advanced legislation Wednesday to allow international insurance companies to reduce collateral, a move that Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon said would attract more companies to sell hurricane damage policies.


Force-Placed Insurers on Hot Seat as New York Regulators Expand Probe

New York regulators are expanding their investigation into the so-called force-placed insurance that target homeowners in financial distress.


USA Today:  Questions cloud red-light camera issue

The national conversation about red-light cameras keeps simmering while their legal status grows murkier.


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