Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Friday, September 6

Sep 6, 2013


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


Audit of insurance regulators finds lack of documentation for rate decisions

A report from Florida’s auditor general released last week found that state insurance regulators don’t have proper documentation to back up their decisions on rate changes sought by property and casualty insurance companies, The Florida Current’s Gray Rohrer reports.


Column:  Feeling jilted by Citizens

When it comes to trying to insure one’s home in Florida, Citizens represents that resonant line from Argo, in that the company is “the best bad idea we have,” writes Tampa Bay Times Columnist Daniel Ruth.


In Florida, 995,000 people may fall into Supreme Court-wrought healthcare gap

While the legislative, judicial and executive branches all had a hand in creating the coverage gap, it was not by design. It was an unintended consequence of the 2012 Supreme Court decision that upheld the Affordable Care Act, reports Dan Chang and Tony Pugh for the Miami Herald.


Update:  Darryl Rouson Shuts Down Rogue Fundraising Committee

Minority Leader Perry Thurston called Tampa Bay Times political writer Michael Van Sickler after his initial blog post and announced that House Democratic leaders, including Rouson, agreed to disband a rogue Democratic fundraising committee yesterday afternoon. 


GOP consultants barred from Florida redistricting only after lack of “privilege,” lawsuit finds

Florida legislators tried to include political consultants in redrawing congressional districts, but barred only them after they found out the conversations would not be protected in court, reports Brandon Larrabee of the News Service of Florida via


Blog:  In a battle over jobs data, governor recruits his economist to defend his pitch

Gov. Rick Scott’s chief economist, Rebecca Rust, was recruited today to provide some political cover to the governor amid new reports that suggest that a major reason why Florida’s unemployment rate has dropped is because of people dropping out of the labor force, writes Mary Ellen Klas on the Miami Herald’s Naked Politics blog.


Scott’s recent environmental announcements:  Election strategy or genuine leadership?

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s recent announcements on the Apalachicola River, Lake Okeechobee, the Everglades and springs have been met with skepticism from environmentalists, The Florida Current’s Bruce Ritchie reports.


Common Core: School grades open fault line among reformers

Simmering in the debate about whether Florida should move ahead with implementation of Common Core Standards is the use of standardized tests to judge a school’s performance and a teacher’s effectiveness, The Florida Current’s James Call reports.


Expect a lot of complex issues on November 2014 ballot

No matter their party affiliation, the political class in Florida is looking forward to the 2014 election, writes Ben Kirby in


Florida’s political savior? Forget Rubio, think Tebow

Tim Tebow should allow himself to be drafted by either of the floundering political parties desperately seeking to rebuild their brands in the Sunshine State by running for Congress, or even the governor’s mansion in 2014, writes Steve Kurlander in


Tampa International Airport bathrooms battle in Game of Thrones

Tampa International Airport wants to be No. 1 when it comes to going No. 2, writes James Thaliji for the Tampa Bay Times.


FEMA Briefings on National Flood Insurance Rate Increases Leads to Sticker Shock

A Sept. 4 briefing and others held for homeowners in states such as Mississippi, Florida and Vermont, are generating strong reactions from both homeowners and legislators-although 405 members of the House voted for the legislation in June 2012, reports Arthur Postal in National Underwriter’s


Life without beach houses – blame us and Mother Nature

If you choose to build by the sea, you’re in a disaster zone waiting to happen. Many people who take the risk say, “So what, we’ll get insurance,” Jim Hillbish writes for


Tense Mood at Reinsurers Annual Monte Carlo Meeting

It is the kind of public display of wealth most bankers try to eschew. The great and the good of the corporate insurance industry are preparing to descend on Monte Carlo this weekend for Rendez-Vous, the industry’s annual jamboree, writes Allistair Gray for the Financial Times.


AAMGA Votes to Approve Membership Expansion; Will Retain Name

The American Association of Managing General Agents voted to expand membership to include all wholesale insurance professionals with underwriting or binding authority, Phil Gusman reports for National Underwriter’s


Scientists Defining Cascadia Subduction Zone in Pacific Northwest

Scientists are just back from a monthlong research cruise in the Pacific Ocean off Washington state, where they were trying to find the stickiest point on a section of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, the huge undersea fault that breaks loose every few hundred years, generating a massive tsunami and earthquake, the Associated Press reports via



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