Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Friday, November 30

Nov 30, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


9:00 a.m.–Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Guaranty Association Board of Directors meeting.  Orlando, Florida.  To view the meeting notice, click here.



    Daily Insurance-Related News


    Citizens Property Insurance to Consider “Home Shopping Network” to Push New Policies into Private Firms

    Citizens Property Insurance can financially withstand the impact of a hurricane that is on the scale of one in every 19 years.


    New committee assignments give opening to insurance industry

    Representative Mike Fasano is conspicuous in his absence on the House Insurance and Banking Committee, and so is the dearth of Tampa- and Miami-area lawmakers on the House and Senate insurance panels.


    Citizens Property Insurance scrambles to offer new coverage option, chastises regulators

    Citizens Property Insurance Corp. officials are irked at state insurance regulators and want them to extend the Friday deadline to respond to regulators’ stipulation that a new, limited homeowners’ policy contain more coverage at a lower price.


    Citizens Property Insurance is substandard on purpose, CEO says

    Citizens is doing its best to provide an inferior product, the president of Florida’s last-resort property insurer told an industry conference Thursday.


    Florida Voices:  Not-so-upstanding Citizens

    It’s not advisable to take a righteous stand about the integrity of your corporation right after disbanding your Office of Corporate Integrety.


    Why Key West Residents Are Talking About Hurricane Sandy

    Manhattan without the skyscrapers.  It’s a comparison helpful in explaining why Key West isn’t Florida.


    The mixed messages of hurricane season 2012

    Hurricane season 2012, which officially ends December 1, will go down in history as the year of “super storm” Sandy, which carved a path of death and devastation from the Caribbean to the Jersey shore.


    Sinkholes – and wallets – open

    The massive sinkhole that opened up in the Fore Ranch community over the summer will apparently open up a hole in residents’ wallets, as well.


    State Chief Financial Officer to car insurers:  Lower premiums

    Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater said Thursday that it’s time for insurance companies to stop complaining and to lower premiums to reflect changes to the no-fault car insurance laws.


    Florida Woman’s Force-Placed Insurance Lawsuit Against CitiMortgage Allowed to Proceed with the Assistance of Gilman Law LLP

    A Florida judge has rejected CitiMortgage’s Motion to Dismiss a lawsuit filed by an 89-year-old woman who was allegedly the victim of the bank’s predatory force-placed insurance practices.


    Lawmakers getting to work on Obamacare

    Senator Joe Negron, chair of a select committee, said he hopes for a compromise rather than Washington dictating “terms of surrender” to Florida.


    Blog:  Florida Department of Management Services name Stacy Arias and Darren Brooks as deputy secretaries

    Florida Department of Management Services Secretary Craig Nichols announced the appointment of two key members of the DMS leadership team.


    Prison health care privatization back in circuit court

    Circuit Judge John Cooper, quoting Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and super sleuth Sherlock Holmes, promised a prompt solution to a multimillion-dollar puzzle of conflicting legislative and executive powers Thursday involving Gov. Rick Scott’s plans to save taxpayers money by privatizing health services in Florida prisons.


    U.S. Regulators Urge Flexibility in Basel III Rules for Banks, Insurers

    U.S. lawmakers and state financial regulators on Thursday called on federal officials to revamp proposed rules that would force financial firms to hold much more capital, asking them to consider the impact on small banks and insurance companies.


    New York Governor Imposes Rules to Speed Up Sandy Insurance Claims

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday imposed emergency regulations on insurers to speed the processing of claims from hundreds of thousands of state residents whose properties were damaged or destroyed when Superstorm Sandy struck a month ago.


    U.S. Hurricane Center Pushes to Improve Storm Surge Warnings

    Friday marks the end of an Atlantic-Caribbean hurricane season where the greatest devastation was caused by water rather than wind, U.S. National Hurricane Center Director Rick Knabb said.


    Kingsway Startup to Sell Homeowners Insurance in Louisiana

    Kingsway Financial Services Inc. announced it has completed the formation Maison Insurance Co. (Maison), a property/casualty insurance company primarily writing wind and hail homeowners coverage in Louisiana.



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