Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Friday, March 30

Mar 30, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


10:00 a.m.– Florida Self-Insurers Guaranty Association Board of Directors meeting.  Teleconference: (866) 866-2244; conference code: 7903005.

1:00 p.m.–Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance meeting.  Discussion on anticipated Federal Insurance Office report on how to modernize and improve insurance regulation.  To view the meeting notice, click here.



    Daily Insurance-Related News


    Governor Rick Scott signs Medicaid bill opposed by counties

    Governor Rick Scott signed a wide-ranging Medicaid bill on Thursday with a pledge to make sure the state uses accurate numbers to enforce a billing scheme that stirred opposition among the state’s counties.


    Homeowners might be on hook in civil action in Trayvon Martin’s death

    The people who could end up paying the financial price for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin are, ultimately, the homeowners of the Retreat at Twin Lakes development in Sanford, experts say.


    Governor Scott signs Brody, 8 other claims bills

    The family of Eric Brody will receive $10.75 million now that Governor Rick Scott has signed his claims bill into law.


    Southeast Non-Standard Auto Insurer Peachtree Acquired by California Firm

    A Florida domiciled auto insurer that provides coverage to 18,000 drivers in the state and Georgia has been acquired by California equity firm looking to enter the non-standard market.


    Governor Rick Scott names insurance agent Carlucci to Florida Ethics Commission                           

    Former Jacksonville City Councilman Matthew Carlucci is the newest member of the Florida Ethics Commission.


    Appellate court:  Florida lawmakers can’t be forced to testify

    Florida lawmakers and legislative staffers cannot be forced to testify in court about most matters related to their official duties, a state appellate court ruled Thursday in a precedent-setting case that quashed a pair of subpoenas.


    Florida’s new unemployment figures coming Friday

    Governor Rick Scott is hoping for more good news in Florida’s February unemployment figures.


    Has Florida turned into the ‘Gunshine State’?

    For years, Florida Capitol Police asked gun owners to check their firearms at the door. Not anymore.


    Florida East Coast Railway Miami-Orlando Train Blows Past Treasure, Space Coasts

    Plans for a Miami-Orlando passenger rail service call for fast trains to roll up and down Florida’s central east coast — but not to stop at any of the cities along a 140-mile stretch from Martin to Brevard counties.


    Editorial:  Florida gambling big that tax cuts create jobs 

    While Governor Rick Scott and the business community celebrate the governor’s signature this week on $1 billion package of tax cuts over three years, some perspective is in order about the trickle-down impact.


    Florida governor makes pitch to New York businesses 

    Governor Rick Scott is making a pitch for New York businesses to make the move to Florida.


    More Costly Weather Disasters on the Way, Climate Scientists Warn

    Global warming is leading to such severe storms, droughts and heat waves that nations should prepare for an unprecedented onslaught of deadly and costly weather disasters, an international panel of climate scientists said in a new report issued Wednesday.


    Alabama Insurance Commission Backs Catastrophe Savings Accounts

    A commission put together by Governor Robert Bentley has made its first recommendations about the availability and affordability of homeowners’ insurance.


    Idaho OKs Digital Proof of Coverage

    Idaho is the first state to allow motorists to use smart phones to show proof of insurance coverage.


    U.S. Supreme Court skeptical of states’ pushback on Medicaid expansion

    Politico is reporting that members of the U.S. Supreme Court, who heard arguments yesterday about the part of the health care law that expands Medicaid, were skeptical of the claims made by the states challenging the mandate.


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