Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Friday, February 24, 2017

Feb 23, 2017


Insurance Losses Demand Action From State Lawmakers

Hurricane Season is still more than three months away, but a different kind of tempest is threatening Florida Property Insurers, their Policyholders and the State’s Economy.  The Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board weighs in.


House Panel Would Allow Interest Payments on Noneconomic Verdicts

Insurance Interests are up in arms about a House Committee’s Approval of a Bill that would allow Plaintiffs to recover Prejudgment Interest on Noneconomic Claims, including pain and suffering.  Michael Moline reports for


Feds Renew ID Requirement for South Florida Homebuyers

The Names of Buyers are entered into a Law Enforcement Database and not revealed to the Public, Officials have said. The Agency said it tasked Title Insurance Companies because Title Insurance is common in the vast majority of Real Estate Deals.  The Sun-Sentinel’s Paul Owers reports.


Lawmakers to Insurers, Pharmacy Benefit Managers:   Stop Pulling Drugs

A Florida House Subcommittee unanimously approved a Bill that would bar Insurers from removing drugs from their Medical Formularies during the Policy Year.  Erin Clark reports for

·         Bill Targets Insurers Changing Drug Coverage


Federalism Message Echoed by Florida Health Subcommittee Members

A day after Florida’s House Education Committee Voted to send a Memorial to Congress seeking fewer strings tied to Federal Education Funding, a Health Policy Panel made the same request for Health Care Funding.  Erin Clark reports for


Florida Begins Process of Issuing Medical Marijuana ID Cards

The Cards, which are issued through the Office of Compassionate Use, are part of Regulations Passed by the Florida Legislature last year. The Rule became effective February 19.  The Associated Press reports via


Concern over Brightline Prompts Lawmakers to Consider Rail Regulations

A Proposed Bill Regulating High-Speed Trains could delay the second phase of All Aboard Florida’s Brightline Project and impact the cost of moving freight across the State, Rail Companies warned a House Panel this week.  Jennifer Sorentrue reports for the Palm Beach Post.


Brandes Files Bill to Breathe New Life into Enterprise Florida, But With Critical Changes

Enterprise Florida could be resurrected from its Legislative Grave under a New Legislation Filed by Senator Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, on Tuesday.  Sunshine State News’ Allison Nielsen reports.


Trump’s Immigration Policies Help Convince the City of Miami to Decriminalize Pot

Miami Police Officers will now the discretion to Issue Fines — instead of making an Arrest — for Possession of Less than 20 Grams of Marijuana.  David Smiley reports for the Miami Herald.

Grand Jury Calls Florida Agency Inept and Ill-Suited to Probe Condo Complaints

The conclusion of a Miami-Dade Grand Jury that spent weeks looking into how DBPR handles Complaints and came away “Shocked,” “Amazed” and “Exasperated” by what it found.  Susan Taylor Martin reports for the Tampa Bay Times.


House Speaker and Florida Governor Clash in Court over Lottery

Governor Rick Scott’s Administration is asking a Judge to throw out a Lawsuit Filed by House Speaker Richard Corcoran.  The Associated Press reports via the Tampa Tribune.


Rick Scott is the Heavy Favorite to be Next Republican Governors Chair

The RGA’s 11-Member Executive Committee will Vote on a New Vice Chair Friday in Washington, D.C.  Politico Florida reports via


No Firebrand, but Joe Negron Says He’s Just as Committed to Principles

Florida Senate President Joe Negron is never going to be mistaken for a fiery ideologue who draws unwavering lines in the sand.  But the Republican from Stuart said his temperament and willingness to work out Policy Differences shouldn’t be seen as a sign of weakness.  The Tampa Bay Times’ Jeremy Wallace reports.




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