Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Friday, February 03, 2017

Feb 3, 2017


Insurer Citizens Pushes For Tougher Laws As Switch Offers Dwindle

Top Officers at State-Run Citizens Property Insurance advocated for Laws to fix what they call abuses in South Florida Claims Wednesday as offers from Private Insurers to take its Customers dwindled to 15,000 from a single Company in April.  The Palm Beach Post’s Charles Elmore reports for the “Protecting Your Pocket” blog.


Larry Ahern Files Bill Helping to Reduce Flood Insurance Premiums

Seminole Republican Larry Ahern is looking to help Florida Flood Insurance Policyholders with a plan to Reduce Insurance Premiums, reports. 


Insurers Make the Case For Legislative Reforms for Property, Auto and Workers’ Comp

Florida’s Homeowners’ Insurance Landscape has been treated gently by Mother Nature in the last Decade, but the Industry sees demons approaching that are increasing the cost and reducing access to affordable property insurance, especially in South Florida.  The Miami Herald’s Mary Ellen Klas reports via “The Buzz” blog.


Collision Repairers Meet with Florida Commissioner

Collision Repairers recently met with Commissioner Adam Putnam of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to share their concerns about issues in the Collision Industry. reports.


True Cost of Florida Workers’ Compensation Rulings Pegged at $1.3 Billion

Florida Supreme Court Rulings in Workers’ Compensation Cases will boost Employers’ Costs by 35.4 percent, Michael Moline reports for


Press Organizations File Brief in Workers’ Compensation Rate Hike appeal

The Associated Press, Florida Press Association, and Florida First Amendment Foundation have entered the legal battle over whether the State’s Sunshine Law covered the Organization behind the State’s Workers’ Compensation Premium Increase.  Michael Moline reports via


104 Arrested in South Florida in $60M Identity Theft Ring

Federal Authorities have charged 104 people with numerous Identity Theft and Fraud Offenses in the latest South Florida crackdown on a rampant problem involving tens of thousands of Stolen Personal Identities.  Curt Anderson reports for Insurance Journal.


Thousands of Florida Tobacco Lawsuits in the Pipeline

A Lawsuit Filed in Leon County Circuit Court is among at least a dozen Filed by Local Residents, and one of thousands Statewide that have resulted in Judgments totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. These Plaintiffs are all remnants of a Class Action Suit collectively known as “Engle Progeny.”  Jeffrey Schweers reports for the Tallahassee Democrat.


State of Florida Joins Lawsuit Against Miami Beach’s Minimum Wage Law

As Miami Beach defends a Mandatory Citywide Minimum Wage Ordinance from a Legal Challenge by Business Groups, Attorney General Pam Bondi has joined the Opposing Side to uphold a State Law that preempts Cities from setting their own minimum wages.  The Miami Herald’s Joey Flechas reports via “The Buzz” blog.


Scott-Corcoran Battle Over Incentives Intensifies with Bill to Shutter Enterprise Florida

It has been clear for months that the fight over the State’s role in Economic Development will play a prominent role in the 2017 Legislative Session, but the contours of that battle are now starting to solidify.  Matt Dixon reports for Politico Florida.


Adam Putnam to Business Leaders:  “Florida Has Come Too Far To Turn Back Now”

While much of the day focused on Tax Cuts, Economic Incentives and the need for Tourism Marketing Dollars, Putnam’s remarks at this week’s Jobs Summit focused largely on the importance of keeping talent in Florida.  Jenna Buzzacco-Foerster reports via


Florida Governor Heading to Argentina for Trade Mission

Governor Scott is scheduled to take a five-day trip in late April to Buenos Aires.  The Associated Press reports via the Tampa Tribune.


FEMA Disaster Deductible Could Survive Trump Deregulation Drive

The Regulation, proposed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency a week before Trump took Office, would impose on States a “Disaster Deductible” — a requirement that they shoulder some of the recovery costs up front, before receiving Federal Dollars.  Bloomberg’s  Christopher Flavelle reports via Insurance Journal.


Texas Governor Calls for Legislation to Rein in Hailstorm Litigation

In his State of the State Address, Texas Governor Greg Abbott gave a boost to the Insurance Industry’s Effort to get Legislation Passed that would place Limits on Post-Hailstorm Litigation.  Insurance Journal’s Stephanie K. Jones reports.


Flooding and Damaging Wind Were Most Destructive Natural Hazards in 2016

CoreLogic Data shows relatively average or below-average activity for most U.S. Natural Hazards in 2016 with the exception of Flood and Wind, both of which saw above-average activity, due in large part to Hurricane Matthew, Insurance Journal says.



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