Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Friday, December 28

Dec 28, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


Rising seas, fears of climate change hit South Florida

High tides and storms created more havoc in South Florida during 2012 than many could remember in recent years, while Miami Beach and other communities began real planning for rising sea levels.


Accidents, safety issues spur new I-95, I-4 interchange

Aspiring nurse Heather Huckaby’s future lay ahead, beyond the ramp from Interstate 4 to northbound Interstate 95.


Blog:  Paging Senator Brandes … Who is liable when a self-driving car gets in an accident?

This blog post from the Daily Dish is tailor-made for my friend, Senator Jeff Brandes.  Who is liable when a self-driving car gets in an accident?


Appellate court upholds $15 million award to survivors of Edgewater smoker

A Florida appellate court has upheld the $15 million award to the survivors of an Edgewater woman in their lawsuit against the tobacco company, whose cigarettes they blamed for their mother’s lung cancer.


Florida’s Medicaid expenses $400 million lower than expected

Florida’s Medicaid program likely will spend about $400 million less this year than what lawmakers expected when they drew up the state budget, according to updated estimates by state analysts.


Lee Memorial Health Systems pays $15M for Aaron’s brain injuries

Lee Memorial Health Systems has been ordered by the Florida State Legislature to pay $15 million in claims to a Florida family.  Aaron Edwards, 15, suffered severe brain injuries at birth due to mistakes made at Healthpark Hospital.


Blog:   Florida Senate President Don Gaetz on a diminished tea party and “kooky” nullification of health care law

Florida Senate President Don Gaetz is quoted in a NYT story that looks at the diminished clout of the tea party.


Florida Ports Want White House Blockade of Pending Longshoremen’s Strike

Port directors in Florida on Thursday backed the governor as the state awaits a response to his call for the White House to intervene in a pending longshoremen’s strike that could become a crippling, multibillion-dollar hit on the Florida economy.


South Florida lawmakers file legislative proposals

South Florida lawmakers are preparing for 2013 by filing a slew of new legislation that among other things would encourage students to take Mandarin or Portuguese, ban texting while driving, crack down on nasty political ads and expand early voting.


Florida-based valuation company closes its doors

A Florida-based company that relied on a network of 30,000 brokers, appraisers and other vendors to help it provide automated valuations, broker price opinions, inspections and appraisals for mortgage lenders, servicers and investors has closed its doors and will file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation.


Southwest Airlines To Open Routes To Puerto Rico From Florida

Southwest Airlines is headed to the Caribbean.  Florida is becoming so full of Puerto Rican new arrivals that the low-cost airline will start new routes to the island, a travel industry development that highlights the political quandary facing Republicans candidates who are performing poorly among Hispanic voters.


Florida adopting nationwide education standards

Florida’s schools are adopting uniform academic standards shared with most other states, but the move is not creating the kind of uproar that’s surrounded some other major changes in public education.


New Jersey Man Files Class-Action Over Definition of “Basement”

A Jersey City, N.J. man has filed a federal class-action lawsuit against a group of insurers he says is denying claims based on an allegedly flawed definition of a “basement.”


Former U.S. Representative Tom Evans: U.S. needs better energy policy, more legislation to curb dangerous building along Florida coast and in other flood-prone areas

Policies needed for alternative energy, building in flood-prone areas

Climate change is in part a result of a natural cycle of nature with a substantial assist from mankind. We can’t do much about Mother Nature but we can do lots of other things that may slow the process.


New Jersey Court:  Pet Sitter Can Sue Dog’s Owners Over Bite

A New Jersey appellate court says a woman injured by a dog she was being paid to watch can sue the animal’s owners.



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