Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Friday, August 26

Aug 26, 2011


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


9:00 a.m.–Florida Agency for Health Care Administration Long-Term Care Technical Advisory Workshop.  2727 Mahan Drive, Building 3, Conference Room A, Tallahassee, Florida.  To view the meeting notice, click here.



Daily Insurance-Related News


Hurricane Irene stirs boat storage frenzy

At River Forest Yachting Center this week, workers have been busy blocking sportfishing boats and strapping down trawlers.


State Senator Mike Fasano:  Get on the bus

County homeowners are urged to take an interest in an insurer’s proposed rate increases for sinkholes even if their coverage is not with that carrier and they have no sinkholes.


Non-Profit Helps Widow With Home Repairs After Safeco Leaves Florida

Indiantown Non-profit Housing is offering a program to help residents cut their utility bills by making their homes energy-efficient.


Florida Supreme Court sides with auto insurance company

The high court strikes down two lower court rulings and sides with State Farm in a dispute over whether or not the parents of a driver had to be covered.


Florida probe related to Personal Injury Protection fraud leads to arrest

A Hillsborough County man was arrested on charges of intentionally structuring large cash withdrawals to avoid reporting or registration required by Florida law.


Health care agency reaches out to HMOs and nursing homes about fate of Medicaid reform

Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Liz Dudek talked to HMOs, nursing homes and doctors this week explaining Medicaid waiver negotiations and sweeping new Medicaid managed care changes.


Blog:  Nursing homes file lawsuit in records dispute

Seven nursing-home firms have filed a federal lawsuit against the state Agency for Health Care Administration in a dispute about releasing records to the spouses of dead nursing-home residents.


Health News Florida breaks down layoffs and budget cuts at Department of Health

Health News Florida is reporting that the state’s health department has released information that shows local health departments have suffered significant layoffs and service cuts due to the state’s budget cuts for public health.


Florida targets ‘bad actors’ in check-cashing business

Florida’s chief financial officer wants to crack down on “certain bad actors” in the check-cashing industry.


Federal judges have ruled testing welfare recipients for drugs violates 4th Amendment rights

Floridians who need help taking care of their children now have to pass a drug test first.


2010 state crime rate the lowest in 40 years

Florida’s crime rate is the lowest in 40 years, Governor Rick Scott and law enforcement leaders announced on Tuesday.


Appeals court sides with state in pension lawsuit

A Florida appeals court is siding with the state in a lawsuit that once involved Florida’s incoming banking commissioner.


After $700 million in water district cuts, Florida governor wants $2.4 million more

The state’s five water management districts have slashed their budgets by more than $700 million – about 40 percent – but Governor Rick Scott, who initiated the cuts, wants a little more.


American Civil Liberties Union jumps into court battle over new elections law

The American Civil Liberties Union and Project Vote announced today that they are intervening in Florida’s effort to win federal approval for its controversial changes to state election laws.


Governor Scott forces out hand-picked prisons chief

Governor Rick Scott demanded the resignation of Edwin Buss after citing differences in management and philosophy styles.


Florida Governor names Elder Affairs Secretary

Governor Rick Scott is keeping a holdover from the administration of Governor Charlie Crist in his job.


Judge to former Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer:  You’ll stand trial on all six counts

An Orlando judge has refused to throw out criminal charges against Jim Greer, former chairman of the Florida GOP, setting aside defense claims that prosecutors and agents with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement had failed to follow the law as they built their case against the fallen politico.


Governor Scott declines to review NW Bradenton land-use case

Governor Rick Scott has declined to review a land-use decision rescinded Tuesday by the Manatee County Commission.


Blog:  Senator Siplin visits high schools to check out baggy pants

State Senator Gary Siplin, D-Orlando, pushed his “baggy pants” legislation for six years.


North Carolina Property Insurance Surcharges Unlikely After Irene

Every property owner in North Carolina has a financial stake in the damage risk posed by Hurricane Irene, which could become the first to hit the state since a new method of paying for coastal storm damage allowed for reaching into the pockets of even those who suffer no losses.


Hurricane Demonstration Emphasizes Importance of Sealing Roof Deck

Research suggests the sealing of roof deck seams can substantially reduce the damage to a home during a catastrophe.



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