Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Friday, April 14, 2017

Apr 14, 2017


State Lawmakers Move to Repeal Florida’s No-Fault Auto Insurance System

Efforts to put the brakes on Florida’s No-Fault Auto Insurance System are moving in the House and Senate.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Jim Turner reports via Orlando Weekly.

·         RIP PIP?  No-Fault Repeal Bills Advance, But Only House Saves Drivers

·         Auto Insurance Reforms Pass Senate Committee, But Don’t Count on Rate Savings


Senate Panel Backs Workers’ Comp Changes

The Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday unanimously approved a Bill that would revise Workers’ Compensation Insurance Laws, but key differences remain with the House.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA reports via Health News Florida.


Study:  92% Use Phone in Moving Cars, Florida Next to Worst State

Florida gets the Nation’s worst grade after Louisiana for phone use while driving in a new study.  The Palm Beach Post’s Charles Elmore reports.


Short-Term Rentals Spark Battle Between Clearwater Beach Condo Owners, Homeowner’s Association

Clearwater Beach Condominium Owners are facing off with their Homeowner’s Association over Short-Term Rentals, with accusations against five Owners of using deception to dodge a 14-day Minimum-Lease Rule. reports.


Florida House Votes to Change Public Employee Pensions

A divided House on Thursday voted 74-41 for a measure that would place newly hired Public Employees in an Investment 401(k) styled-plan if they fail to make a choice within six months of starting their jobs. Currently those Employees are placed in a Traditional Pension Plan.  The Associated Press reports via the Tampa Tribune.


Florida Supreme Court OK With Higher Satellite TV Tax Rate

The Florida Supreme Court says the State can Ttax Cable TV and Satellite TV at different Rates.  The Florida Supreme Court says the State can Tax Cable TV and Satellite TV at different Rates.  The Associated Press reports via the Tampa Tribune.


Legislator’s Audits of 9 Contracts Find All “Had Numbers Fudged”

For the last two years, State Representative David Richardson has been on a One-Man Crusade to inspect the State’s Trouble Prison System.  The Miami Herald’s Mary Ellen Klas reports via “The Buzz” blog.


Privacy Clause Big Focus of Constitution Revision Panel So Far

A sparse crowd weighed in Wednesday evening on how Florida’s Constitution should be changed, or preserved, depending on the point of view, during a meeting of the Constitution Revision Commission practically in the shadows of the Capitol.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Dara Kam reports via the Palm Beach Post.


House Passes $81.2 Billion Budget, Sets Up Battle With Senate

Aside from the wide gap in dollars, the Chambers are at odds over Property Taxes, Education Programs, Hospital Funding, State Workers’ Salaries, Environmental Projects and Economic Development Agencies — all with just a little more three weeks to go in the Session.

·         Florida House, Senate Remain Far Apart on Budget

·         Florida House Should Add Miraculous LIP Funding to its Budget Numbers


Legislature Makes Slow Progress on Medical Pot Rules

Florida’s Voters overwhelmingly approved a Constitutional Amendment in November that formally Legalized Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain and other Ailments.  Joe Reedy reports for


State Financing Agency Facing Senators’ Scrutiny Over Bonds for Brightline

The State Agency that issued $1.75 Billion of Bonds for All Aboard Florida is facing pressure to be more transparent about its role in the railroad’s Reworked Financing Plan.  Lisa Broadt reports for


Senate Votes To Clear Up “Mistakes” In Self-Defense Law For Homeowners

A Bill clarifying that Homeowners need not wait to be attacked inside their dwellings before resorting to defensive force passed the Senate Thursday.’s Michael Moline reports.


Public-Records Exemption for Murder Witnesses Heading to Governor

The Senate met the two-thirds requirement Thursday to send Governor Rick Scott a Bill creating a Public-Records Exemption for information that could identify Murder Witnesses.  Michael Moline reports for


DuBose Files to Run for Democrats’ 2020 Florida Speaker

Bobby B. DuBose, D-Fort Lauderdale, formally Filed his intention Wednesday to run for Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, or party Majority Leader, for the 2020-2022 Term. Publisher Nancy Smith reports.


Florida Lawmakers Object to Manatee Downgrade

A Letter signed by 11 Florida Lawmakers calls the decision “Disappointing and potentially very harmful to the survival of the Iconic Florida Animal.”  Zac Anderson reports for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.


Texas Insurance Regulator Mattax Dies at Age 60

Texas Insurance Commissioner David Mattax has died at Age 60 after a fight with Cancer, Gov. Greg Abbott said. Mattax was selected to lead the Texas Department of Insurance in 2015 after 23 years with the State Attorney General’s Office.


California Insurance Commissioner Condemns Trump Administration Actions Destabilizing Health Insurance Markets

President Trump’s threats to withhold the Cost-Sharing Assistance create fear among Consumers and instability in the Health Insurance Market.  California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said.




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