Capital to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report, Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jul 13, 2017


Medical Providers Win Case Over Sarasota County Special Law

The Supreme Court of Florida has reversed a Decision of an Appeals Court regarding Hospital Reimbursements in Sarasota County.  Chandra Lye reports for


Florida Citrus Crop Struggles: Oranges Down Nearly 16 Percent during 2016-17

Agriculture Commissioner and Gubernatorial Candidate Adam Putnam, who grew up on a Farm in Polk County, expressed a need to keep fighting the Disease Citrus Greening, which he equated to being “Like a Biblical Plague” spreading across the State’s Groves.   THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Jim Turner reports via the Sun-Sentinel.


Ron DeSantis: Time to Make Federal Pension Information Public

U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., whose name is generating increased buzz as a possible Candidate in next year’s Gubernatorial Race, is calling for Pension Information of Retired Federal Employees to be made Public.  Kevin Derby reports for


Florida “Job Growth” Fund Opens For Business

Governor Rick Scott announced Wednesday that the State Department of Economic Opportunity and Enterprise Florida are Accepting Proposals for Money in the “Florida Job Growth Grant Fund,” created during a June Special Legislative Session.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Jim Turner reports via the Gainesville Sun.


Scott’s “Secret” Run for U.S. Senate Starts to Heat Up

Scott continues to sprint across the State for Official Events that easily double as Campaign Swings. In recent days, he’s done a pair of Ceremonial Bill Signings and two Events to highlight Law-Enforcement Pay Raises he Signed into Law last month.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Brandon Larrabee reports via the Orlando Sentinel.


“Solar Trees” Sprout Across Florida in Push for Solar Energy

Florida Power & Light is planting Large Devices across Florida that look like Trees and harness the Power of the Sun to create Electricity.  The Sun-Sentinel’s Brooke Baitinger reports.


The Builder of Florida’s High-Speed Train is Getting Into The Apartment Business

Florida East Coast Industries, the Company behind the $3 Billion, 235-Mile Express Train System that will eventually connect Orlando to Miami, is launching a New Real Estate Brand, to be called Park-Line.  Rene Rodriguez reports for the Miami Herald.


Nonstandard Auto Insurance Market Continues on Downward Path, A.M. Best Reports

Loss Ratios and Operating Ratios for the U.S. Private Passenger Nonstandard Auto Insurance Market fell to their Worst Levels in a Decade, according to a Report from A.M. Best.  Insurance Journal reports.


5.4M U.S. Homes at Risk from Sea Level Rise, Report Using Census Data Shows

Nearly 10 Million People living in 5.4 Million Homes have a High Risk from Rising Sea Levels and will be adversely impacted by Climate Change, according to a New Report that takes Data from U.S. Census Tracts near the Ocean and offers a narrower focus on At-Risk Properties. Insurance Journal’s Don Jergler reports.




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