Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–September 17

Sep 17, 2009


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Florida revenue projections may come up short

State revenue projections are billions of dollars short of Florida’s scaled-down spending, and a major hurricane could add billions more to the problem, a joint legislative panel was told Tuesday.


Polk Schools Win Fee Battle at Fla. Supreme Court

Fla. Supreme Court declines to hear builder’s group case, freeing $18 mil.

In a victory for the Polk County School District, the Florida Supreme Court has refused to hear the Polk County Builders Association’s case against school impact fees.


Some student clubs fall victim to the Broward school budget ax

All-county honors band and honors jazz band among programs eliminated

Some students hoping to join their school’s art club, drill team or science group got a painful but important lesson in budget cutting this year: Less money means fewer clubs.


Strapped cities, counties reach to raise cash

Just like consumers, local governments are struggling to pay the bills with less money in the bank.


Despite large budget deficits, some Broward cities plan to spend more on special events

Despite a budget gap that could lead to layoffs and property tax rate hikes of 27 percent, Pembroke Pines is sharply increasing the amount it spends on festivals next year.


EDITORIAL:  Decision day on Miami-Dade budget

OPINION: Miami-Dade must prioritize cuts to save jobs

Miami-Dade Commissioner Katy Sorenson offered a dire report Tuesday: With the county commission voting to keep the property tax rate the same, ”more people will lose their jobs.”


Miami-Dade tax calculator may provide good news for some

Miami-Dade County’s property tax calculator is now reflecting the proposed “flat tax” commissioners recently approved.


Stimulus bails out state’s bottom line

For all the debate about the federal stimulus program, of this Don Winstead is certain: Without the stimulus, Florida’s budget problems would’ve been catastrophic.


Florida Atlantic University Adjunct Professor of Finance:  Florida officials should stick with finance fundamentals

State’s $266M gone in 2 years

A fortune in retirement hopes, and the dreams of countless Florida families, went up in smoke and mirrors on a single sketchy real estate deal. What now for what’s left in Florida’s hundred billion dollar pension fund?


When politicians come to Fla., you pay

In a little-noticed and long-standing tradition, the state of Florida provides security to dozens of politicians who visit the Sunshine State for business and personal trips, even though the visitors bring their own protection.


Broward schools awarded second place in national contest; students to get $250,000 in scholarships

It came close once again, but the Broward County School District fell just short of winning the $1 million Broad Prize for Urban Education.


Palm Beach County school bus drivers say cuts violate contracts

School bus drivers and mechanics workers came to Wednesday’s school board meeting to complain about poor treatment and concerns that the district is violating their contract.


New First Coast school budget numbers by district

School budget cuts have made headlines all year because the state’s revenue is less than anticipated.

Now, Northeast Florida school districts are approving their final operating budgets for the 2009-10 year. All of the districts are aware they might have to make additional cuts as the state gets updated revenue estimates.


State investigating Martin County School District

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is looking into fraud allegations regarding the Martin County School District’s facilities and maintenance departments, officials confirm.


Florida’s method of grading high schools altered

Florida’s Board of Education has approved more-rigorous measures for evaluating high schools beyond test scores, adding such factors as graduation rates and participation in accelerated course work.


Governor Crist Applauds Success of Florida’s Schools

$122.5 million awarded to Florida schools for commitment to academic progress

Governor Charlie Crist recently celebrated with teachers and students of Frost Elementary School in Tampa where he presented them a check for $56,222 for improving their school grade from a “C” to a “B” during the 2008-09 school year.  Governor Crist also recognized the Florida Lottery’s latest achievement of surpassing $20 billion in contributions to Florida’s students and schools.


Florida Virtual School doing more with less

The Florida Virtual School is doing more with less due to a new law that cut its funding while expanding online learning to every school district in the state.


State’s budget woes hit home for Bright Futures

The free financial ride at Florida’s public universities is largely over for the state’s top-performing students.


EDITORIAL:  Reform Bright Futures

Many of the students who recently rode into state universities on Bright Futures scholarships were in for an awakening. Thanks to legislative rewrites, freshmen often found their Lottery-funded awards no longer covered up to 100 percent of tuition and mandatory fees.


Big boost to college grants expected

U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor said the House is on track to pass a bill that would put more than $40 billion over 10 years into a grant program to help students pay for college.


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