Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–October 21

Oct 21, 2008

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Teacher’s union sees budgeting ‘disaster’ on horizon

The tug of war over education funding grew tougher this week as the state Board of Education pushed for more public-school money at a time when all state agencies were homing in on Gov. Charlie Crist’s call to prepare for steep cuts for the 2009 budget year.

Can Florida economy take a double whammy?

Between the real-estate downturn and the national credit crunch, South Florida may soon face its worst recession in decades, analysts say.

Similarities exist between the economic downturns of the 1970s and today

Is Florida ready to go retro?

Back to the ’70s, not in terms of fashion but in terms of finances.

COLUMN: From state government down, we’re about to feel the pain

Florida taxpayers are about to get a swift introduction to what state government does for them, and they’re not going to enjoy it.

Many voters undecided, uninformed on proposed amendments

Floridians in November will decide on six proposed constitutional amendments. Less than a month before the election, most voters don’t know much about them. In a poll conducted Oct. 4-6, more than 40 percent declared themselves undecided on five of the six ballot questions.

Opposition scarce to amendment giving waterfronts relief

Owner Manny Prieguez could do little about it, because state law basically requires counties to assess properties for what is known as their ”highest and best use” — rather than their actual use.

No price tag included on proposed tax break to preserve land

Aim is to preserve land, but economic analysis not offered

When voters decide on Nov. 4 whether to give tax breaks for conservation land, they’ll do so with scant information about a basic question: How much will it cost?

Land issue backed — with caveat

Environmentalists are backing a big tax break for Florida’s largest land owners.

Signature dispute arises over proposed amendment

Supporters of a constitutional amendment that would let communities vote on big growth issues claimed on Monday to have enough petition signatures for a spot on Florida’s 2010 ballot.

Florida won’t have to repay lost revenue from suspended Alligator Alley tolls

If Florida gives drivers a break on Alligator Alley tolls and a private company is in charge, the state won’t have to make up the difference.

Open government panel to discuss recommendations

Florida’s Commission on Open Government is nearing the completion of its recommendations.

Palm Beach County to issue bonds to escape $50.6 million loan trap

Palm Beach County commissioners agreed this morning to refinance $50.6 million in variable-rate loans before taxpayers are hit with soaring payments.

Betting on sunnier days: Lee School Board takes risk if approving employees’ raise

It’s enough money to pay the salaries of nearly 100 first-year teachers.

The $3.3 million Lee County School District officials plan on pulling from a rainy day fund could also pay for music, art or athletic programs.

Lee schools superintendent may have overstepped his bounds

Lee County School District Superintendent James Browder wanted to put his people first.

Manatee County schools must cut millions

No school resource officers, no middle school athletics and no field trips for elementary and middle school students.

Treasure Coast school officials ‘run out of places’ to make cuts

Now, with the economy looking more grim by the week and more budget cuts likely, Treasure Coast school officials say they have difficult decisions ahead.

Bright Futures, prepaid plan create a dilemma

The Waldron family illustrates the state’s dilemma between making college affordable and tuition more accurately reflect the cost of educating students.

UNF offers permanent teaching license

Throughout his 59 years, Warren Roberts said, he’s often thought about becoming a teacher.

A new approach to learning about learning

Principal Chuck Banks slipped into a Miller Elementary fourth-grade class, squatted down next to 10-year-old Roy Fenner, who was filling in a bar graph, and quietly asked, “What are you learning today?”

EDITORIAL: Teaching Society That Boys Really Are Different

Before he was a best-selling author, respected social philosopher and corporate consultant, Michael Gurian was a 7-year-old boy whom no one seemed to understand.

South Florida charter schools offering new language options

Students in the math class at Archimedean Middle Conservatory stare at the board figuring out functions. But instead of saying ”equal” they say ”iso.” Instead of ”a” they say ”alpha.”

State Fast Facts: Florida

At-a-glance facts about the State of Florida including economy, people, etc.

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