Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–October 1

Oct 1, 2009


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State 5th for tax climate

Florida’s beneficial tax climate ranks the state fifth on the Tax Foundation’s 2010 State Business Tax Climate Index.


EDITORIAL:   Whack Legislature’s pay–Vindictive lawmakers cut school boards

The Legislature never tires of meddling in public education. The latest example is the decree that school board members cannot make more money than a starting teacher in their district.


Miami Commissioners finally solve budget crisis

Facing a deadline to balance the city budget, Miami commissioners did so late Tuesday — after key pacts with city unions.  Up next:  A scaled-back budget year.

Miami commissioners finally balanced the city’s 2010 budget shortly before midnight Tuesday, after unanimously accepting hard-fought agreements with the city’s police, fire and general service unions.


Construction still on at 10 schools despite empty desks Where’s the money going?

At Lauderdale Manors Elementary School in Fort Lauderdale, 47 percent of the classroom seats are empty. Yet the Broward County School District is spending $7 million to demolish and rebuild 15 classrooms at the 55-year-old school.


Chairman of the Broward County Schools Facilities Task Force:  No quick fix to Broward County School Board’s construction problems

The Sun Sentinel editorial on Sept. 29 recommending reforms by the Broward School Board provided an excellent justification for overdue action on some procedural details, but addresses only the tip of the iceberg of less-than-airtight practices in the School Board’s construction department.


Orange County:  Budget threats fizzle in face of taxpayer protests

Taxpayer protests kept city and county leaders from enacting some of their severest threats for the coming budget year, instead cutting many government jobs and benefits.


EDITORIAL:  Leon County school bonus money

What it is:  an illusion of a solution

Every school in Leon County is rejoicing to have $50,000 it wasn’t counting on to spend however its faculty and staff determine is best for that particular school books, training, equipment.


Florida Encouraging Growth with Incentives

Florida is consistently ranked among the nations’ best states for business and entrepreneurs because of its pro-business fiscal policies and targeted financial incentives that promote innovation.


Signs point to recession’s easing in Florida

Two key economic markers in Florida — consumer confidence and a much-watched home price index — showed a second consecutive month of improvement, offering further evidence the recession is easing, though a long recovery likely awaits.


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