Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–March 25

Mar 25, 2010



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Blog:  Tax credit crowd converges on Tallahassee; and “why aren’t you in school?”

An estimated 5,500 supporters of the state’s Tax Credit Scholarship program, including many students who are getting the vouchers, converged on Tallahassee today to show their support for expansion of the program.


Florida Class-Size Amendment Passes in Senate

In a near party-line vote, the Florida Senate decided today to give Florida voters another chance to consider maximum class sizes in public schools.


Florida Senate kills teacher tenure pay system; raises tied to student success

The state Senate on Wednesday approved on a controversial bill on a 21-17 vote to dismantle teacher tenure, a decades-old system in which educators’ pay is based on years of experience and whether they earn upper-level degrees.


Florida Senate passes voucher hike

The Florida Senate passed a bill Wednesday morning that would expand a private school voucher program.


Senate passes tougher Florida graduation requirements

High school graduation requirements would be increased under a bill that has cleared the Florida Senate.


Taking the $100 million Bill Gates grant to Hillsborough for a spin

It’s hardly Gatesgate, but it does beg a key question.

Why does the School District of Hillsborough County need to spend $375,000 on an outside public relations firm to explain the $100 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to the public and to its 17,000 teachers?


Collier schools advisers struggle with whether major expenses are needed

Look at it like taxpayers, they were told. They might as well have been asked to read Chinese.

That was the feeling as the Collier County School Board’s operations subcommittee considered the district’s capital fund plan Tuesday.


Duval School Board to decide how to challenge plan to appoint members

It will decide if to hire outside counsel on issue of appointing members.

The Duval County School Board is expected to decide next month whether to get outside legal counsel to challenge a proposal that aims to turn the elected board into an appointed one.


Blog:  Orange school board approves new charters

Orange County’s school officials approved a city-run charter school along with another with government ties tonight.


Blog:  Florida students make more gains on national reading test

Florida is among only nine states whose eighth-graders made increases on a widely watched national reading test last year, and its fourth-graders now trail only six other states in reading, according to results released this morning.


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