Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–January 28

Jan 28, 2010



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Governor seeks budget hike for Florida’s public schools

Gov. Charlie Crist — who is running for U.S. Senate — is recommending a $22.7 billion budget for PreK-12, with a hike in per-pupil spending from $6,870 to $7,045.


Late Gov. Lawton Chiles’ Son Criticizes Use of Father’s Endowment Fund

The son of the late Gov. Lawton Chiles is criticizing Gov. Charlie Crist for a plan to dip into the state fund named for Chiles, and taking the opportunity to criticize Crist’s budget more generally.


GOP Leaders in Florida House and Senate Don’t Expect to Increase School Funds

Senate, House leaders point to looming budget deficit as problem.

The top two leaders of the Republican-controlled Legislature on Wednesday said Gov. Charlie Crist may be too optimistic in calling for higher public school spending in another austere budget year.


Florida lawmakers focus on poor economy

As Florida politicians get ready for this year’s legislative session and elections, they are focused on a well-worn message: It’s the economy, stupid.


Crist proposing tax cut for Florida corporations

Gov. Charlie Crist wants to give Florida corporations a $100 million tax cut although the state is facing a potential budget deficit of up to $3.2 billion.


Palm Beach County School District still spending on abandoned school project

More than $1 million spent despite plan to drop new school

Taxpayer costs for an abandoned elementary school project west of Boca Raton now exceed $1.3 million, leading at least one School Board member to express concern about the expenditures.


Student Op-Ed:  Sarasota School-tax referendum is about education, not government

As a student who attended the Sarasota Tiger Bay Club panel discussion a few weeks ago, I am surprised at what the community had to say about education.


Schools’ evolution debated

Educators and state lawmakers gathered this week to talk about issues of concern to local school officials and parents such as graduation requirements, Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test reform, teacher quality, technology, budgets, charter schools, career academies and virtual education.


Blog:  Orange County School board approves desegregation settlement

It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one for Orange County schools.


Orange County to parents: If your kid doesn’t go to school, you go to jail

When children don’t go to school, their parents could go to jail.


Sinkhole concerns at Plant City school move kids

Teachers from Trapnell Elementary School wheeled backpacks and tote bags stuffed with supplies across the campus of Strawberry Crest High.


Collier school district to try out new report cards at four elementary schools

The Collier County School District is changing the way it looks at student report cards.   


Board Hires Consultant to Conduct National Search for a New Polk Superintendent

The Polk County School Board agreed Tuesday to hire a consultant and conduct a national search for a new superintendent of schools to replace Gail McKinzie, who is retiring in November.


Lee County school’s transportation costs will be studied

The Lee County school board agreed Tuesday night to have a company study how to cut costs of bussing students under the district’s controversial school choice plan, in which tens of thousands of students are bused each day.


Charlotte schools to borrow millions

School officials will borrow $60 million to help replace two of the district’s oldest buildings as part of a federal initiative designed to improve school infrastructure.


Governor Crist Appoints Roy Terry to Collier County School Board

Governor Charlie Crist today appointed Roy Terry of Naples to the Collier County School Board.


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