Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners — Friday, July 8

Jul 8, 2011


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Alvin Davis named Florida Teacher of the Year 2012

Following an evening of celebration, fun and the recognition of Florida’s leading teachers, Alvin Davis, a music teacher from Miramar High School, was selected as the Florida Department of Education/Macy’s 2012 Teacher of the Year.


Florida gives multi-million dollar education contract to Tallahassee company instead of Microsoft

Interim Education Commissioner John Winn on Thursday awarded a contract to Infinity Software Development after the company challenged the contract that had initially been given to Microsoft.


School cuts cascading across state

A first-year teacher from Broward County is likely out of a job. But if that same teacher worked in Hillsborough County, his or her job would be safe.


Column:  School grades keep improving, but Legislature acts as if they’re getting worse

It’s that time of year when we congratulate schools and students for jumping through hoops they shouldn’t have to jump through.


New Florida education commissioner wants schools with ‘great results’

Florida’s soon-to-be education commissioner wants schools that produce “great results” and that are part of “strong public-private partnerships.”


Column:  Local control of water tax lost as state, districts grab money

In the interest of efficiency and at the direction of Governor Rick Scott, the Governing Board of the Southwest Florida Water Management District has summarily disbanded its basin boards.


Blog:  Race to the Top — Standardized testing for preschoolers

On January 17, 2003, The Washington Post published a Page 1 story (that I wrote) about the Republican Bush administration’s plans to give 908,000 4-year-olds in Head Start programs nationwide a standardized assessment to see how much they were learning.


Report:  Health Insurers Owe Florida $3 Million For a Government Children’s Program

Private health insurers overstated how much they spent on patient care and owe Florida health officials $3.1 million in refunds for a government children’s health care program, according to a recent federal report.


Editorial:  Saving future of education

Students with limited English proficiency are more likely to have taken no math courses beyond Algebra.


Newsweek:  Daddy, Why Is My School Falling Down?

For nearly half her life, 11-year-old Catie Hunter has lived apart from her father, an Army platoon sergeant deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, and twice to Korea.




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