Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–February 2

Feb 2, 2010



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State lawmakers to begin examining ways to alter class-size amendment

Following the letter of the law may come down to a matter of verbage in the Florida Class Size Reduction Amendment.


Florida GOP aims to weaken class-size amendment as final caps take effect this year

More than $16 billion and eight years later after voters put class-size limits into the state constitution, GOP lawmakers are once again trying to weaken the caps while teachers and Democrats are lining up to fight it.


Miami leaders fear a financial meltdown

Though the fiscal year has barely begun, Miami leaders are bracing for a budget hole that could nearly wipe out the city’s entire reserve.


District bill would create fund for green upgrades

A property tax bill has become perhaps the regions most powerful, and unlikely, tool to make serious dents in local energy consumption.


Manatee County is land-rich – and tax-free

The largest landowner in Manatee County isn’t a developer, a utility or an agribusiness. It’s the county. Manatee County owns more than 35,600 acres valued at $386.2 million, according to county and property records. And none of it is taxed.


Orlando may feel pinch from falling property values

Downtown venues’ funding in question if properties succeed in getting taxable values reduced

Orlando’s skyline is falling – in value, that is.


Bay County Board sets sales tax initiative committee

Funds would go toward school projects

Bay District School Board members confirmed Thursday the committee members who will lead the half-cent sales tax initiative, but the board still has two issues to resolve.


Blog:  Crist says another Florida voucher expansion is a top education priority  

In today’s more-detailed budget rollout, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said in this statement that another expansion of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (voucher program to many) is a priority for the upcoming legislative session.


Blog:  Florida officials want high-quality-schools lawsuit dismissed

The defendants in the high-quality-schools lawsuit filed a motion today to have the case dismissed. No surprise there, but you can read their legal arguments here.


Forclosure mediation mandatory under Florida Supreme Court order to begin in Sarasota and Manatee Counties

Troubled homeowners in Sarasota and Manatee counties will soon be guaranteed a meeting with lenders to try to save their properties from foreclosure.


Florida schools and working parents could fare well in Obama budget

Florida’s schools, working parents and waterways would fare well in President Barack Obama’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year.


Federal money displaces property tax as largest source of state revenue

Spending Pace Slows

State and local spending rose slightly last year because federal aid offset a decline in tax revenue.


Crist Wants Court Funding Increase

The state’s court system could see an $8 million increase under a budget proposed by Gov. Charlie Crist.


State Representative Anitere Flores:  Florida makes strides in improving public education

It is difficult to understand how ‘s Jan. 28 editorial, Crist’s gamble on education, can say that Florida’s public schools have had ”several years of diminishing returns” when by every measure Florida’s schools have made significant gains over the past decade.


Florida has a long way to go in science, technology, engineering and math

When it comes to preparing its students to shine in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, or “STEM,” Florida delivers like a third world country.


Six measures make 2010 Florida ballot

Voters will decide on six proposed constitutional amendments this fall with Monday’s end to the window for proposals to qualify for the ballot.


Low graduation rates frustrate state universities across U.S.

For years, American colleges and universities have focused on getting more students to seek higher education. Now they want to make sure more of their students leave campus with a diploma.


Governor Crist Invites Students to Participate in Sunshine Week Essay Contest

Governor Charlie Crist today announced Florida’s 2010 Sunshine Week “Government in the Sunshine” Web site and invited Florida students in grades 9-12 to participate in the Florida Sunshine Week essay contest.


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