Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–April 24

Apr 24, 2008

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House votes to put tax cap on ballot

Measure would limit government revenue

In what amounts to little more than an election-year statement, the House voted 79-38 on Wednesday to put a sweeping government revenue cap on the November ballot.

House lobs property-tax cuts at unwilling Senate

Florida legislators are poised to finish the 2008 session next week without writing a second act to the property-tax cuts they passed last year.

Taxpayers could get edge in disputes

Taxpayers would stand a better chance of win appeals of their property tax assessments as a result of two measures that passed in the House.

‘Swap’ Tax Plan Is Facing New Foes

Just a little over a month ago, it appeared certain that voters would get the chance in November to cut property taxes by about 25 percent in exchange for a potentially higher and expanded sales tax.

Florida’s budget squeeze easing

Court filing fees might rise. A program to help stranded motorists will stick around. And some of the poorest and sickest Floridians won’t get their services cut — for now.

Lawmakers agree to tap Florida reserves

Three months after Gov. Charlie Crist suggested using reserves to stave off health care cuts, lawmakers agreed Wednesday to spend $300-million to preserve two programs serving more than 40,000 sick and disabled people.

EDITORIAL: House Speaker Rubio should reject efforts to politicize education

The opportunity for one person to make a profound difference in a state’s future is rare, even for those in the highest seats of power.

Broward educator named to National Teachers Hall of Fame

David Lazerson sat in the background strumming his electric guitar as his student protégés took center stage for Tuesday’s Earth Day assembly: the once-shy girl performing God Bless America; the boy interpreting What a Wonderful World in sign language.

Dade schools plan targets feeder patterns

A proposal for the second iteration of the School Improvement Zone and would target feeder patterns and include community partnerships.

A new version of Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Rudy Crew’s ambitious School Improvement Zone project currently under consideration would apply fewer changes to fewer low-performing schools, but would draw in more community resources than the original version, which ends in June.

School budget cuts ‘the unraveling of public education’

A $24 million budget-cutting plan that would impact everything from Volusia County public school classrooms to sports programs and administrators’ paychecks was released Tuesday, and there’s more to come.

School Board passes resolution saying state is failing its students

A single glimmer of financial hope came out of Tuesday night’s Alachua County School Board meeting. Congress may be about to take action that will keep many nurses in the schools.

Senate passes ‘Evolution Academic Freedom Act’

After a fierce debate about religion and academic freedom, Florida senators Wednesday approved a bill aimed at making sure science teachers and students can raise questions about evolution.

Broward Community College faculty complain about trustees to Gov. Charlie Crist

The Faculty Senate at Broward Community College gave Gov. Charlie Crist a petition Wednesday blasting the school’s governing Board of Trustees.

EDITORIAL: Florida Legislature should not undermine university system Board of Governors

ISSUE: House mulls education system reforms.

The clock is ticking on the 2008 legislative session in Tallahassee, but messing with the governance of the state university and K-12 systems is one area where Floridians should hope time runs out with no action at all.

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