Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–April 2

Apr 2, 2009

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Education Stimulus Money Released

The federal government released $72 million in stimulus money for local schools today, but officials still aren’t sure whether Florida will qualify for all the money it could receive under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


Broward County schools chief skeptical about level of funding for education

Funding per pupil would go up in state plan

Florida’s House and Senate budget writers may be planning less painful education cuts than many predicted, but don’t expect back flips from the Broward County Click here for restaurant inspection reports School District.


Lawmakers consider asking parents, students to pay more

Proposals designed to help cut Florida’s $6.5 billion shortfall.

Budget proposals making their way through the Legislature would ask parents and students to pay more for their public and higher education in an effort to help patch the state’s $6.5 billion budget shortfall.


Sarasota senator looking for new ways to pay for schools

Sarasota’s Nancy Detert, chair of the Florida Senate’s Committee on Education Pre K-12, is among those who have spent the past few weeks trolling the recession-dry state budget in an effort to find enough money to adequately finance public schools.


Broward school district offices pared to three in money-saving measure

To save money, four Broward schools areas will become three, a decade after the move to four geographic offices was made to give parents and students more personalized attention.


Four-day summer work week on Broward School Board’s agenda

A four-day summer work week is among the items Broward School Board members are considering at a workshop Tuesday.


New school grading system could cost Broward district $10 million

A proposed change to the way the state grades high schools could cost the Broward County Click here for restaurant inspection reports School District as much as $10 million, school officials said Monday.


Sen. Jim King says he would step down to take job as university system chancellor

State Sen. Jim King, R-Jacksonville, wants to be the next university system chancellor and is ready to step down from the Legislature after 23 years if the Board of Governors will have him.


Palm Beach County schools looking at three funding scenarios

    The financial outlook for Palm Beach County schools now breaks into three scenarios: A slight increase in state funding next year; a major budget cut next year; and yet another state funding reduction this year.


    Deerfield Beach may transfer 911 service to Broward sheriff to help fill $6 million property tax gap

    The city may transfer its 911 fire-rescue dispatch service to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, a move officials hope will save about $1 million in the first year of the deal.


    Manatee schools bracing for future cuts

    With the boost of $14 million in federal stimulus dollars, a preliminary state Senate budget promises more money for Manatee County schools next year.


    Gambling industry ties run deep in the Florida Legislature

    No legislator is immune when it comes to the influence of the gambling industry in Florida.


    Saving teacher jobs tough

    President Barack Obama promises his economic stimulus law will save hundreds of thousands of teaching jobs, but some states could end up spending the money on playground equipment or wallpaper – and the president might not have the authority to stop them.


    Palm Beach County school district expected to hire high-ranking administrator

    A 35-year-old former Miami-Dade principal who graduated from college at 19 and rode the fast track from teacher to regional director of Florida schools is poised to become Palm Beach County schools’ next Chief Academic Officer.


    Budget Cuts Affect FCAT

    Budget cuts have hit the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, too.


    Chief auditor submits resignation to Miami-Dade School Board

    Allen Vann, 55, was chief auditor for five years. In his letter, he did not give a reason for leaving. He did not return calls from The Miami Herald late Wednesday.


    Ed chief eager to help Florida get stimulus dollars

    But there’s still no promise the state will qualify for desperately needed money

    Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said Wednesday that he is eager to work with Florida to assure that it gets its full share of $44 billion in federal stimulus money targeted largely at schools.


    Editorial:  Florida’s education efforts won’t change without citizen involvement

    ISSUE:  Citizens go to Tallahassee to protest education funding cuts.

    The bus ride to Tallahassee may have been long and tedious. But at least state legislators finally heard from some of the people most affected by drastic cuts to public education: parents, teachers and students.


    U.S. Ties New Funds to Schools Data

    The U.S. Department of Education will require states to provide data demonstrating progress on student achievement and teacher quality in order to qualify for a substantial portion of the $100 billion of federal stimulus money the department will distribute in coming months.


    Study: Despite surging minority growth, suburban schools see limited Hispanic integration

    Hispanic students have become more segregated in suburban public schools over the last decade, even while blacks and Asians have become slightly less isolated, according to a new study.


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