Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–April 13

Apr 13, 2010



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New class-size amendment clears state House; will be on November ballot

A longtime push to scale back the 2002 class-size amendment scored its biggest victory yet Thursday as the Republican-led Florida House agreed to put the question to voters this fall.


School voucher plan revived by lawmakers

A school voucher proposal the Florida Supreme Court took off the 2008 ballot has been revived in the Legislature.


Florida House panel kills Children’s Services reauthorization bill

Sen. Joe Negron’s  is backing a measure that would require the state’s eight children’s services taxing districts to be re-authorized by voters every six years.


Pensions dodge bullet, remain under gun

A sigh of relief could be heard from schools, county buildings, firehouses and sheriff’s stations across Florida recently when a proposed bill that would have drastically altered pensions under the Florida Retirement System died in the Legislature.


House Passes Landmark Teacher Merit-Pay Bill

After more than nine hours of debate, lawmakers vote along party lines in approving historic bill. But will Gov. Crist veto it? The bill (SB6), identical to the Senate version that passed two weeks ago, upends the current salary system based on years worked and advanced degrees earned. In its place, it creates a new, complicated plan that eliminates tenure for beginning teachers and ties teacher pay largely to student learning gains on standardized tests.


Jeb Bush’s Ideas Are Flourishing In Legislature

The Senate is more conservative than it was during Bush’s tenure as governor.

Almost four years after he left the state Capitol, former Gov. Jeb Bush is hovering over this spring’s legislative session, with measures sweeping through the Republican-ruled Legislature that appear ripped straight from his political playbook.


Blog:  Orange school board holds public hearing on tax raise tomorrow

The School Board will hold a public hearing tomorrow night at 5:30 p.m. to determine whether to raise taxes by .25 mils, an option given to districts across Florida by the Legislature.


State may allow Collier to tax property to create $31 million program to help kids

A bill moving through the Florida Legislature is meant to help Collier County kids by allowing voters to set up a property taxing district that would raise $31.4 million its first year.

But in order for it to make it to the next stages of discussion, state legislators need the go-ahead from local elected leaders.


Indian River School Board considers extra tax

Reading teachers, health assistants and textbooks could be restored if the School Board approves an extra tax this year.


Brevard school budget cuts could include jobs

Next school year, Brevard Public Schools stands to lose as much as $12 million in state funding, but after several years of budget cuts, many believe there’s little left to trim without hurting classrooms and laying off teachers.


Florida continues to make strides in virtual learning

When Sarah Wolford shares her class schedule with her teachers at Freedom High School in New Tampa, she usually has to explain why her schedule doesn’t cover the whole day.


Editorial:  Justifiable changes could be coming to Bright Futures

Bright Futures scholarships were once the untouchable third rail, as far as Florida’s Legislature was concerned.


Auto insurers with a twist

Project Invest teaches high schoolers about the realities of the insurance industry

They weren’t your usual auto insurance company names – Crash Inc., Fortune Auto Insurance, Cobra, Classy Cats Inc. and Wizard Lizard.


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