Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse — Friday, November 4

Nov 4, 2011

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Public Employee Pension Lawsuit May Wallop Florida Budget

A lawsuit challenging the new state law making public employees pay 3 percent of their salaries for their retirement plan could punch an $860 million hole in Florida’s budget and could take some $600 million away from county governments if it is upheld by the courts.


School districts want more flexibility, fewer unfunded mandates

Demographic differences aside, Duval County and neighboring Northeast Florida school districts have similar requests for the Legislature: More local control, more flexibility and no more unfunded state mandates.


Editorial:  Education cuts felt in test results

Education isn’t free. And the failure to spend enough on public education can be expensive, indeed. Stagnating test scores for Florida students on a nationally important test illustrate what happens when education funding drops.


Miami-Dade School Board to redraw district lines

Miami-Dade’s School Board districts will be redrawn, a process triggered by changes in population over the last decade.


Florida legislators skeptical of spending more for reading coaches                          

A panel of lawmakers met a request for an additional $40 million for 600 reading coaches with skepticism Tuesday, saying the state has already sunk a billion-plus dollars into the program with lackluster results.


Keys School Board promises more scrutiny of charters

Keys School Board members this week approved another charter school application, but not before they vowed to look harder at future applications because of a recent shakeup at a Key West charter high school.


Teachers Face New Metrics                      

After months of planning, the Polk County School District has a new evaluation system for teachers that requires school administrators to spend more time in the classroom.


School prayer bill passes first hurdle

A proposal to permit students to pray or deliver “inspirational messages” at school events was approved by a Senate committee Wednesday, over objections from groups dedicated to protecting religious freedoms.


New York Times:  School Has a Charter, Students and a Strong Opponent — It’s District

Charter schools, publicly financed but independently operated, have encountered fierce resistance in many suburban communities, criticized by parents and traditional educators who view them as a drain on resources.


Blog:  Broward commissioners might give $12 million to Performing Arts Center

Over a clamor of protest from nervous hoteliers in this county, Broward County commissioners informally agreed they’d contribute up to $12 millon in tourism taxes for the Broward Center for the Performing Arts’ $44 million expansion.


Blog:  Should Broward school board, staff, fall under new ethics code? Representative Jenne says yes

A strict new Code of Ethics has come to county commissioners and all the city officials. Should it cover the Broward County School Board next?


Broward Schools Superintendent Plans ‘Listening Tour’

Broward County Public Schools new superintendent of schools, Robert W. Runcie, will be “hitting the road” soon as he conducts a blitz of listening sessions across Broward County.




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