Amendment Would Afford Auto Premium Discounts for Use of Preferred Provider Network

Apr 7, 2010


During the Florida Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance meeting today, April 7, 2010, Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Fasano introduced an amendment to Senate Bill 2108 that would allow an insurer to offer a premium discount to automobile insurance consumers who opt to use a preferred provider network to receive Personal Injury Protection benefits. 

The amendment was opposed by the Florida Justice Association, subsequent to which a point of order was called during the meeting alleging that the content of the amendment was unrelated to the underlying bill.  In its current form, Senate Bill 2108 currently addresses issues related to residential property insurance. 

Now, the Office of the Senate President must issue a ruling on whether the amendment is germane to SB 2108.  The amendment was otherwise approved for adoption to SB 2108. 

A copy of the amendment is attached for review.


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